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andrea (or eva)
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Kay. This story is about a girl named Desiree (French pronounciation) and her friends and siblings during a war that happened in France. (Supposedly the same base as Les Miserables, or I'll just make up a war. I'm calling it La Guerre De Bastion, by the way.)

She makes friends where you really shouldn't make friends, gets robbed, is poor, and is living off a farm that is soon to be bombarded down.

Should I continue? Or not...?

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Yesh. Yes yes yes.



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andrea (or eva)
Posts: 58

Ok. Ahem. Next post, I presume?


andrea (they/them)

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andrea (or eva)
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Chapter One

My name; Desiree.

My English; accented.

How I arrived talking to you today? Well, I dont know. But I guess we will both find out soon enough, correct?


"Desiree! Hurry, quick! Father is going to war! We need to see him off! Desiree!! Run! Run! Faster!!"

My older sister Elise called. I ran to the front of our house, picking up my dress so I wouldn't trip.

July fifteenth. My father is going off to the war today. My mother and I and Elise can only hope he will return.

We are ever so glad our brother Claude isn't going. The royalty insisted he go, but we defended him. Father traded himself and the Royals seemed to accept the idea of a thirty year old man going off to war instead of an eleven year old boy.

I arrive at the door. Father stands there, wearing his uniform, carrying his weapons. He is almost crying. Mother is crying.

Claude is shrugging as he hugged him. Elise goes tighter, and I love my father.

Then he bid us one last farewell and we were emerged into silence. Well, except for my mothers sobs.

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andrea (or eva)
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And then they came. He walked out the door, and as he did so the Royals Sentries picked him up by the arms and dragged him away as if arresting him. But they were only making sure he went.

It has been two days since my father left. Mother has recovered, but is ill.

Elise, Claude and I can only pray she is going to live. Elise stayed back to help Mother, and I was sent to the market to buy supplies as Claude is too young to go on his own.

In the market, I pick out a few apples and some tea. I also grab some soup off the shelves, chicken and tomatoes. I decided to go to the book store afterwards.

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andrea (or eva)
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I return with a book called ''How to Avoid the Unavoidable''. My friend Belle told me about it. It's supposed to be good.

I return, and mother asks me to go to the doctors, and to take Claude with me, that he would tell me what we need, because there wasn't enough time to explain it all to me. I drop off the groceries and the book. I get a hat and a scarf and prop it on Claude before we leave.

We must hide him. At least until the war starts. Royal Sentries might change their mind, and take both of them. I give him a fake name: Emila.


''So, Emila, what do we need from the pharmacy?''

''Beetroot.'' he replies, in the lightest voice he can do.

''Nonesense! I just bought beetroot, you twerp! Don't lie!'' I snapped.

''No. You bought radishes. We need beetroot.''

''Those were beets!''

''Radishes. Light or Plump Radishes, as they call them. They look like beets, and everyone mistakes them for it, but they're radishes.''

I humph. ''And how would you know?''

''A book I read called Plants and Vegetables; Common Errors and Useful Information.''

''And you suppose we get beets at the pharmacy? You must be out of your mind.''

''No. You know Karine, right? Docteur Karine? Well, you cant find beets anymore. The crop fields were destroyed. But Karine still gets a shipment from Switzerland. She doesn't tell anybody. She only uses it for medicine, and she makes the medicine herself, so no one suspects that she gets a secret shipment. But she told Mother, because they're so familiar with each other. But I have to stop talking or I'll get a sore throat and we'll need to make a double stop.''

Oh my gosh. Karine gets an illegal shipment of beets? No time to think about it. We're already at Karine's. Its a narrow but long building made of bricks. There was an external staircase made of steel, which was black and peeling and rusted. The front door is wooden, but bumpy and un-taken care of. Karine is too busy healing and giving / making medicine to care for the look of her house. Oh, and it has a chipped corner.

We open the door with a creak. Karine comes rushing. ''What is it? You two hardly ever come here for medicine? Are you okay? Is your grandmother.... nevermind. Who's sick and what do you need?''

I took the hat and scarf off Claude before. ''We need beets, apparently, says this smart-alec.'' I tip my head towards Claude.

''Beets...? Beets...'' she rolls the word around as if she's never heard it before. ''Right! Beets! Oh, forgive me, I forgot I told Colette.'' she trots upstairs, quickly and then comes halfway down again. ''Fresh beets, cooked, canned, jarred, pickled, liquidized or in the form of medicine?''

I look at Claude.

''Six of each, if it doesn't bother, and fifteen fresh ones, instead of six, please.''

''Oh, don't worry little Claude. I  have plenty to spare.''

''And our mother is sick. Would you mind checking on her? When can you come?'' I add in.

Karine pauses to think. ''Well, I can't on Thursday, today, my friends are coming over, and I have a tiny open spot left in my schedule Friday, and Saturday I leave for Switzerland for three days... would Friday do?''

''Yes, Friday would be perfect. You're so kind and generous.'' I thank her.

''So fifteen fresh beets, and six of everything else, little guy?'' she confirms. Claude nods.

She runs up the rest of the stairs. and comes back five minutes later with two fabric pull-string-to-close bags. ''Better close 'em, or everyone'll go crazy.'' she winks and we're off, with Claude's hat and scarf.

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andrea (or eva)
Posts: 58

Its still alot to process, though. Our family was thinking of leaving France as fast as possible  before the Royal Sentries started picking out all the men and boys to fight for their country. But they started picking much earlier than we thought. Claude got picked, father did the trade, and look at us now.

Hiding our dear boy in a bonnet and a scarf, living illegally off a shipment of beets from Switzerland, and hanging on by a thread to the hope that our mother will survive.

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