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Name: Blaze

Nickname: The Bringer of Death.....or just Blaze.

Gender: Hermaphrodite.

Age: Unknown. She looks 19.

Skin: Clear, but rough and uncomfortable, dark brown skin. It's usually uncomfortably rough, unless

she is aroused.

Eyes: Her eyes are unsettling looking, the kind that stare straight through you, and at your soul. Her

pupils are slightly smaller than that of a normal human. Her Irises are bright red, have a thick black

outline on the outside and seem to be slightly holey near her pupil. Her pupil is a slightly thick

vertical slit. Which becomes even thinner while she's angry or surprised. She has semi-long


Eyebrows: Her eyebrows are red and slightly thick, but just a little.

Ears: Her ears have pointed tips, but are not long.

Nose: Her nose has a visible bridge, a pretty visible straight base, a slightly round tip, but mostly

shaped like one of a regular Caucasian, and average nostrils.

Lips and Mouth: Her upper lip is slightly darker than the rest of her skin. She has pretty average lips,

except for slightly thinner lips. The inside of her mouth is a slightly dark lavender purple, while her

tongue is black and shaped like that of a snake and half a foot long. She has three rows of sharp

teeth, like a shark, but closer to each other. They can fall off at will.

Overall Head Shape: Oblong head shape. Slightly high cheekbones.

Hair: Her hair gives a soft look despite appearing spiky and touches the floor, but you could say it's

just ankle length if you didn't observe it completely. It's bright red, pulled back, and dark red in

some areas, mostly the bottom, which is the dried blood of her victims. She has split ends.

Body Type: She has a triangle body shape, it's slightly mixed with an hourglass shape.

Cup Size: 32DD

Height: 6"8, it's not in a Mary Sue fashion model tall type of way, it's in a "I'm going to fucking rape

you and you're going to have a hard time fighting back." tall type of way.

Weight: 207 lbs.

Misc. Features: Her horns are a dark cream color and are located at the sides of her head. They

curve up (this being the average curve), down (this being the longest curve), and then up again (this

being the shortest curve) and are slightly longer than half a foot. She has a dark red 26 foot long

spade tail, the spade takes up 2 and three fourths feet of her tail. She has large, dark red demonic

wings that stretch out 32 feet, individually. They are weathered at the bottom and some bat-like

features. The skin of the flaps on the wing is slightly thin, so you can see the veins in her wings,

they're filled with black blood.

Top: A very loose light grey and black tank top that crosses like an x on the back. The left sleeve is

always on her shoulder, revealing extra skin. It has a lot of dried blood stains that she couldn't get

out in the washing machine.

Bottoms: Tight fitted black pants with way too many rips in it. There are rips everywhere , except for

on her crotch, there is also a noticeable bulge in her pants, giving away her hermaphroditic gender.

The rips in the back show her pink boxers with designs of small, bloody, dead and crushed to death


Shoes: None, she walks around barefoot.

Accessories: She wears rusty barbed wire as bracelets.

Personality: She's has absolutely lost it. The way she treats people and things is horrible, it's almost

as if she has no more feelings of mercy for anything or anyone.....almost. Killing is a hobby for her, a

simple. everyday. game. Sure, she might be acting now, but it's impossible to figure out if she might

be acting completely sane around you. You can be calmly sitting on a couch with her, and all of a

sudden, she begins to brutally stab you 78 times in the chest without any sort of warning or hints.

It's best you stay away from her, as long as possible, unless you have a death wish. She acts pretty

normal towards her family though, willingly killing anyone if they tell her to. Her sister Debauchery

gets to claim the souls of the people Blaze killed, and have them as slaves in her purple and foggy,

hellish underworld. If her family tells her to stop, she'll stop, it's a simple as that.

Nationality: Greek, East Indian, African-American.

Likes: Rape. Decapitation, any kind is fine, as long as it involves cutting of the head, face, or neck.

Blood, she LOVES blood. Eating human flesh and organs (be it fresh or rotten). Pyramid Head.

Tearing off body parts (mostly heads and limbs). Inflicting pain and receiving pain. Violence.

Dark/Scary Ambient music. Horror movies. Her family. Fire.

Dislikes: People telling her to lay off eating humans. Crosses.

Creature: Part demon, and a little bit a succubus that she got from her mother.

Powers: Her hair can grab things, and turn sharp. She can make fire, in many different forms, but

she likes making large fire twisters. She can regenerate limbs.

Weaknesses: Holy water. Light powers. She isn't weak towards crosses, but she absolutely hates


Flaws: She often smells like rotting flesh. She's scary, terrifyingly scary.

Pets: She owns thousands of giant Japanese hornets. They are scattered about in her mansion, but

most of them are in the basement. She has 5 large tanks filled with a large school of piranhas, one

in the living room, two as traps in her basement, one in her bedroom (the only one that's not fulled

with corpses), and one in the kitchen.

Quote: "I'm so happy I could rip out your intestines and STRANGLE you with them!"

Theme Song: Insidious- by Joseph Bishara

Favorite Song/Songs: Ready to Die- by Andrew W.K. Blue- by The Birthday Massacre. Happy

Birthday- by The Birthday Massacre.

Other: She watched happy tree friends through out her childhood. She was always a strange child, a

loose canon should I say. She murdered many of her peers in school, including the teachers and

kept them all buried under the school. In kindergarten she kept forcing kids to put their fingers in

paper shredders and fans. It had gotten to the point where she just had to be home schooled, but

then she murdered her tutors, and ended up being taught by her mother. She had a major crush on

Pyramid Head the minute she saw him. There was a time when she was almost molested by a

pedophile, but that changed rather quickly, as she ravaged his anus with the drills in her hair that

expanded and turned very hard, drilling deeper into him and breaking him from the inside. She

used no lubrication of any kind on the man, and he died of internal bleeding. She falls asleep to

dark ambient music. She leaves a trail of fire wherever she goes. She bathes in fire. Not only that,

she is a pyromaniac, and loves fire.


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Name: Simone (she wants her last name to be Sladeblade, because it sounds cool, right?).

Nickname: Simone or Shade.

Gender: Female.

Age: 21.

Skin: Clear and soft, dark olive skin. You could simply call it a light medium brown though.

Eyes: Her eyes look playful and inviting. Just looking at them could tell you that she was a laid-back,

fun-loving gal. Her pupils are normal black circles, and get smaller when she's angry. Her irises have

an electrifying look to them and look as if they're surging with volts. They're a bright cyan blue with

a few electrical flecks of grey. She has semi-long eyelashes which she got from the genetics of her

mother, Rose.

Eyebrows: Her eyebrows are black and have an average thickness.

Ears: She has normal human ears.

Nose: Her nose is pretty much a button nose, but the tip is a tiny bit straighter and a tiny bit

rounder. The bridge is defined and straight.

Lips and Mouth: Her lips are small like the lips of her sister, Vanity. Her upper lip is darker than the

rest of her skin. It is slightly large in width and kind of thin. Her bottom lip is about the same size of

her upper lip, but a bit bigger and fuller.

Overall Head Shape: Heart head shape, her cheekbones are high and some-what defined.

Hair: Her hair is jet black, silky, shiny, and nearly bone straight. It has two large bright cyan

highlights which usually stay on her shoulders and slighty shape her face. They're the first few

chunks of hair on the side of her face. She usually has her bangs tied up in a small bun on the front

of her head, but has no problem taking them down if someone wants to see them down. When her

bangs are down, they're a slightly messy side frindge to the left. Her hair looks cuter this way, but

when she has her bangs up, she looks a bit more edgy.

Body Type: Her body type is definitely a pear, she's quite curvy from the hips down and her behind

is very large.

Cup Size: 34BB

Height: 5"6

Weight: 136 lbs.

Misc. Features: She paints her nails often, usually silver.

Top: A low cut electric purple spagetti tank top that has "LIKE A BOSS!" in long and thin black letters

on the front as the design. You can't REALLY notice how low cut the shirt is, though, because she's

kind of flat chested.

Bottoms: Skin tight black faux leather leggings. Four words, the ass was fat.

Shoes: Purple open toed strap high heels. They have three semi-thin straps crossing each other near

the top, and two semi-thin (but a bit large and longer) straps crossing each other near the bottom.

The under outline is black. They're balota high heels.

Accessories: A black and white studded and checkered belt with 6 medium sized chains, mostly on

the side. Electric purple fingerless gloves. High quality platinum earrings, they're shaped like a

cartoony lightning bolt. A big platinum and diamond star on a silver rope chain, that shit is

BLINGIN'! The star is completely covered in diamonds.

Personality: You know Darcy, from the movie Thor? She acts A LOT like her. Shade is pretty easy to

get along with unless you have a super short temper, are sensitive or dislike pranks. Over all, she's

an ideal friend and is fun to be with.

Nationality: Black, Japanese, Spanish, and French.

Likes: HER CARS. Racing. Vin Diesel. Drum and bass music. Racing films, like Fast and Furious and

Need for Speed. Sonic the Hedgehog. Face paced Electronic music. Pranking/jokes. Her friends,

ecpecially Flare. Her sister, Vanity. Atractive guys.

Dislikes: Very serious people. People that act like douchebags for no apparent reason. Tripping,

constantly. The fact that she thinks out loud too often. Awkward conversations. Dust, she abhors

dust, it's her worst enemy.

Creature: Electric elemental.

Powers: She can control electricity, and therefore is very useful at bringing electrical devices back to

life/charging them. She can create lightning bolts, an electrical dome shield and sometimes even

small electrical tornadoes.

Weaknesses: Water. I dunno, other things, she certainly has weaknesess.

Flaws: She's very unlucky, and rarely gets what she wants in life, becoming a racer was a miracle for

her. She trips over, a lot...LIKE A LOT, about 2 or 3 times a day. She's not very good with animals. She

sometimes insults people without realising it or noticing it, and ends up accidentaly hurting the

feelings of others. She cares WAY TOO MUCH more about her cars than she does real people. You

know, other normal flaws of people.

Pets: Her mother, Vanity, and her all have Diamond *a male Egyptian Mau* as a shared household

pet. Although he doesn't like her very much.

Quote: "See you at the finish line!"

Theme Song: Electric Feel (Justice Remix)

Favorite Song/Songs: Ignition- by Silva Hound & The Living Tombstone. Ignition- by DJ Pon-3.

Polygon- by Shock one ft. Reija Lee. Just a Little Bit- by Bungle ft. Darrison. People Together- by

Bachelors of Science. Wisco- by Medicin. Judgement Day- by Danny Byrd ft. Cyantific+I-Kay. Get on

Up- by Sub Focus. Ill Behaviour- by Danny Byrd ft. I-kay.

Other: She has a large crush on Vin Diesel. She was in a state of depression when she found out she

couldn't buy the Lamborghini Egoista.

She hates to admit (since she loves all of her cars) that she has favorites, but doesn't want to treat

her cars unequally. She owns a Tron themed Lamborghini Aventado (named Percival), along with

the Aventador LP700-4 Roadster (named Maxfield). A silver Lamborghini Veveno (named Axel),

along with a silver roadster version (named Dexter). She owns a black Lamborghini Reventon

(named Calix) and a black Lamborghini Sesto Elemanto (named Nicandro). The order of the cars is

the order of her favorite to least favorite. She also owns a white Ducati Superbike 899 Panigale

(named Ivo), but she doesn't ride it very often. She owns a large collection of Hot Wheels cars from

her childhood. When she did a hair flip at a pool party, her hair got stuck in a fan, and she fell into

the pool, it's grown back though. If you make her chose between a guy and her cars, she'll definitely

chose the cars without hesitation. She keeps her cars in a virtually dust-free and large white room,

each of them are on stands that can lower onto the ground if needed. If she could, she would make

love to her cars. She often dreams about her cars turning into humans. You will find her often

refering to her cars as hot, attractive, and sexy.

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Name: Erisma

Nickname: Erisma

Gender: Female

Age: 7,581, although she looks 29.

Skin: Ebony brown, and very smooth.

Eyes: Her eyelashes are pure white. Her eyes look calm and wise, as if prepared for almost anything.

Her irises are an ocean blue with nearly white, icy blue flecks. They are also outlined in the same icy

blue as the flecks. Her pupils are a black, slight oval.

Eyebrows: Her eyebrows are pure white and slightly thick, only arching a tiny bit.

Ears: Her ears have pointed tips and are long, about five inches. She acts as if she cannot hear far

away sounds, but she can, so be careful what you say around her. Her hearing is almost as strong as

the hearing of her younger sister Ebony.

Nose: Her bridge is located at her eyes. The base of her nose is somewhat large and slightly, just

slightly extends forward. The tip is round, and the nostrils are medium sized.

Lips and Mouth: Her mouth is kind of wide. She has full lips. They're slightly darker than the rest of

her skin. They're glossy because she rubbed berry juice on them, not lipstick.

Overall Head Shape: Oval shaped. Her cheek bones are high and defined.

Hair: Her hair is pure white and reaches her knees. It is only a tiny bit wavy at the end of each

strand. It's neatly and entirely pulled back, except for the neat and long strands of hair on both of

her shoulders that reach her abdomen.

Body Type: Very voluptous hourglass shape. Her thighs are flared in the front and her hips are very

wide. Her behind is also quite noticable and large, you usually have to walk around it. She isn't very

muscular, only at her stomach. Some people would call her fat.

Cup Size: 32JJ

Height: 5"8

Weight: 227 lbs.

Misc. Features: None.

Top: A very low cut, tight fitted, long sleved icy blue shirt that reveals both of her shoulders. The

sleeves are loose and have slits up to the forearm. There are dark brown straps of leather that

holds the slit in place. The opening of the shirt is outlined in fur.

Bottoms: A skirt that reaches her ankles and has two large slits on both sides. It shows her almost

all of her legs pretty much. It has a white rectangular celtic pattern vertically running down the skirt.

Shoes: She wears light beige fur boots. It has three tight medium-small sized leather straps wraped

around it. She wears bandages under the boots, despite not having any wounds.

Accessories: A some-what intricate silver circlet with a single large amethyst in the center.

Personality: Ambitious. Intellegent. Mysterious. Dependable. Wise. Serious. Polite. Neat. Sedate.

Nationality: Elven. She looks Ethiopian and Senegalese, the Ethiopian show more, though.

Likes: Snow. Fur. Reading (mostly spellbooks). Meditating. Peace. Silence.

Dislikes: Corruption. Rape. Tentacles. Negativity. Thieves. Interuptions.

Creature: Elf.

Powers: She can control all things frost, and has nearly mastered it. She can levitate, and does it

often. She's good at enchanting things with certain effects, such as increased strength, stamina,

resistance to ice, and so on. She can create a powerful ice shield. It's invisible, unless something

hostile hits it.

Weaknesses: Fire. Other things, she certainly has weaknesses.

Flaws: She tends to get freaked out by tentacles. She doesn't really seem to have a sense of humor.

She isn't very expressive sometimes. Normal everyday flaws.

Pets: She has an ice thrall named Dunichil. He basically looks like the ice atronach from Skyrim but


Quote: "How may I assist you in the arcane arts today? That is, if you have the coin."

Theme Song: Distant Horizons- by Jeremy Soule.

Favorite Song/Songs: Unknown.

Other: She is not from a normal human world, she's from the corrupt and lusty land of Mareth. She

lived there for about 20 years, but left to live with her sister, Ebony after an 'incident' which she

really found "uncomfortable to talk about". She is the one who enchanted her sister's bow with a

paralysis effect. Her sister, Ebony, teaches her alchemy, while she teaches her spells (mostly ice) in

return. Dunichil can be seen almost everywhere with her. She reaches Dunichil's knee in height.

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Dunichil (Also known as Blizzard)

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Here's a half-assed picture of Erisma.

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Swiggity swag, what's in the bag?

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