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Okay. I have this story I'm planning to make a trilogy, a.... quartet? What's it called when there's four books? or at least a big four-part story.

I planned out a large portion of details on RES, but since I've, like, disabled the forums, I have it all saved on a file in my, and it's bothering me that it's there.

So I came to repost it here, and I might just ...  elaborate. XD

Feel free to comment, and, well, I think I can trust you guys to not steal anything? I dunno. :3


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Unfortunately, my computer is being shitty and I'm far too lazy to edit the entire thing.

The following comments are mostly direct quotes from the discussion.

Please ignore those fucking annoying numbers that popped up.

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  1. I'm at a point in the second draft of my story where something is drastically changed by the plot, and I just need a place to record my thoughts as I plan out how many phases and who gets eliminated before the whole smoke-bomb thing...

  2. Thank you, rambling, for giving me a genius idea.

  3. So, I have the list of Gen III participants.
    * characters without a significant role

    Stirke *
    Farron *
    Chamo *
    Litlee *

  4. The issue right here is that I only have 4 characters without a significant role.

    Duskiss is the main character.
    Corse is part of Phoenix; she can't die off.
    Jaspire... I'm already planning his death.
    Yan, too.

    Quen has a huge part with Tobe.
    Dythe.. I have a plan for the whole Smoke-Bomb incident.
    Lovenn needs to survive until the end of Phase Two.
    Tak... is an option. As long as she has some show-time, because she's my favourite.

    Cluno and Sunnot both have to survive the incident; there's that whole drama around them, I don't want to take that out.

    Tak it is.

  5. Wait! What about Alo. When does he die?
    Because he could also easily die in her place... I think that would work fine-- No, wait! Right. He's killed at the beginning of the end of Phase Two; but, then again, that takes a bit away from the twins...

    I could always switch them; Alo ticked off Drek for the last time while he was messing with the machinery... he gave Duskiss the smoke-bomb then... ha!
    And that'll also force them to realize that the New Access project is a life-or-death situation.

  6. Congrats, Tak! You get to stay in.

    Wow, I really haven't thought any of this through.

    So, Sunnot and Dythe stick with LUNA and the New Access...

    Wait, hold up. I have this wrong. The entire place is called New Access, and it's the LUNA project. I've had it the wrong way.
    Again, I haven't thought this out.

  7. Sunnot and Dythe... and Tak.
    That's three. I need... wow. Half of them to stay with New Access?

    Okay, okay. It's--- whoa, there's a lot less people than I thought. Let's say Duskiss is already with Tobe. How many are still alive?

  8. Duskiss

  9. I think I might let one more person be skilled off.
    I'll finish this off later. When do they reunite?

  10. What if it became the final piece of training to figure out where the refugees went?
    Why would Drek test them like that if there's only five (or less) of them left?
    Well, he does have a habit of using whatever is on hand, and he's been wanting to track them down anyways. He's preparing them for anything and needs them to track down Gen I...


  11. Okay. So.
    Sunnot abandons her sister to stick with Drek.
    Dythe isn't rescued, and so has to stick with Drek.
    Tak was tied up through the entire thing and sticks with Drek.
    Yan stayed with her brother and so was caught by Drek.

    Duskiss is dragged off by Tobe after setting off the smoke-bomb.
    Lovenn was flopping around while she was tied up with Tak, and was visible enough to be dragged off by Tobe.
    Quen... wait, hold on.

  12. I had a plan at some point or another that Quen went missing and ended up with Tobe somehow.

    Okayy... Okay, what iff...

    What if Quen was taken by Drek and rescued at a later time?
    He could still be a help and have his part then, and survive for the third book...
    And he could inform them about the mission and he'd be running away for some reason...
    And then, lo and behold! A convoluted scheme to trap the remaining people there, and...
    I don't even know.

  13. If they successfully trap all four of them, they'd have nobody to rescue from the rocket.
    So somebody will have to still be trapped into this New Access thing. Scor could show up at some point and report that Drek _ is kind of losing it and going on with the LUNA project even though it's falling apart.
    They go to hijack the rocket, some more people die, almost half of them go to help the person trapped in the rocket, they get sent off to the moon.
    I just need to figure out what the hells they'd be doing in the third book.

  14. Obviously, they're trying to get Tobe and the others down from the moon... That's probably how they end up looking for people like Olwin. They have only meager way of communicating with the kids on the moon, but the messages are talking about how it's dark, but there's a weird atmosphere that formed, and it's livable.
    And how about the new mission is to get the information about how great it is to the public, and now their new ally becomes their enemy, who is not wanting to share the news with the world 'yet.'

    And there's some more annoying drama -hit that has to be dealt with and a crapload more deaths.

  15. Dammit. Now I'm getting all excited about this story.
    The second story is a whole lot less exciting than the rest, now.

    Maybe I'll divide it into two halves; the first half alternating with Tobe, and the second half with BibIian as they go to the moon, so you get a taste of what's there...?
    I'd need a dramatic plot for that, though.
    We could skip to the future and show part with Tobe and the others arriving on the Dark Side..?
    That's would be interesting. Some buildup in the past and a peek at the other side of the future. :3
          And then book three will be from Scor's point of view, back on earth.

    1. I'm gonna spend forever planning, though, and never get anywhere. 

    2. Hey, look! I spent a whole sixteen comments planning, and I've planned the second and third book, but still haven't figured out the part I created this thread four.

      Drek needs to explain the three phases.

    3. Phase One -
      Testing skills. Essentially, seeing if you're really fit for the LUNA project. Eliminates Five at the end.

      Phase Two -
      Building skills. Expanding the skills and narrowing down the best. Eliminates Five at the end.

      Phase Three -
      Perfecting skills. The last kids fine-tune their skills and are taught the key points of the missions. Sends five onto the mission.

    4. See, Tammy? That wasn't that hard.

    5. Okay, Tammy. Now, shoo! Leave RES. Go type -hit somewhere else.

    6. This will make me happy whenever I see it.
      Something about that last post.

      ''Now, shoo! Go type -hit somewhere else.''

      That will cheer me up all the time. 'U'
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I definitely need to figure out who's part of book three and who's in the second half of book two.

Duskiss: Earth (Didn't attempt to save anyone.)
Corse: Darkside (Missed half of it since she was injured, went to get Yan. Missed by Duskiss.)
Yan: Earth (Passed out on ship, dragged out by Tak, used as human shield, shot.)
Quen: Earth (Hid behind Tobe the entire time, sticks around to die helping in next book.)
Dythe: Darkside (Was chosen for ship/ for Tobythe bonding and Lovenn to chill.)
Lovenn: Earth (Ruins the plan, gets shot immediately, lives to tell the tale.)
Tak: Earth (Jumped out of ship "saving" Yan, sticks around while things turn to shit.)
Cluno: Darkside (Went to save Sunnot, who strapped her in instead.)
Sunnot: Darkside (Selected by Drek, remained in ship, dies on takeoff.)

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Scor (Boards; his point of view.)
Duskiss (Brackets.)
Quen (Dies.)
Lovenn (Boards)
Tak (Stays Behind.)
Gerith (Dies.)
Andy (Boards.)
Staford (Boards.)

If this becomes an actual book someday, I'm going to torture my fans with an absolutely terrible ending that will make everyone cry if I'm actually a good writer in the future. They're going to be miserable because the rocket couldn only fit five, exhibited throughout the entire series... I really hope people will love Tak as much as I do, but that's a bit of a longshot. You know I'm becoming a better writer because I'm killing off lovable characters.

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Corse (Conflicts with Generation II, Sides with The Original Generation I.)
Dythe (Develops, spends lots of time with Tobe and the Gen2's.)
Cluno (Barely a large part, distressed her sister died, possibly dies.)
Tobe (Reunites with Generation II, attempts to keep peace, head of communication.)
Biblian (Deputy, causing tension between the Gen1's and Gen2's.)
Heio (Keeping the balance.)
Ermica (Biblian's closest friend, doesn't like the Gen1's.)
Blindfold (On Ermica's side, despite being accepted by half the Gen1's.)
+ The Generation I kids, who'd be 21 or 22, if I'm right.

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So super excited to create the Generation I kids.

They'll probably be a wee bit deformed from whatever weird atmosphere they're living in. They'll probably just be really, really tall, the Generation II kids not quite as tall, but nearly. Maybe they'll have weird tinted skins or something, or flecked eyes or greenish eye-whites or the sort.
I know there'll be 4 or 5 originals left, one will have reacted badly to the atmosphere and be borderline dying, and one will have a daughter.

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Ehh, I wanna go plan 'em now.


-Unusually tall due to diminished gravity.
-Eyes (irises, pupils) spattered with whitish grey dust, (whites) reddish, irritated.
-Skin is reddening from rising/expanding blood.

I'll come back to this.

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-One Generation I kid died in the crash; four are left.

-One Generation I boy is extremely sick, malaffected by the energy; his skin is covered with red veins, his hair is prematurely graying. His name is Cadeth.
-Another Generation I boy is albino. He's a large portion of the muscle and rations the supplies. He was "so graciously named" Albio.
-A strong Generation I girl is mostly in charge of the advancement of society; even though she has a now four-year-old child with Albio, she continues to run the water mines. Her name is Isdan.
-The Generation I boy deemed the leader is a distant, orderly man who organizes most things. He trusts Biblian more than any from his Generation.

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Posting their pics in the album now...

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New Name Set:

Desiree "Dusky" Thynne (It'll be awkward doing third-person 'dusky' in books three and four/three)
Colleen "Collie"  Collins (hooray for humourous names!)
Yin "Jamal" Merritt (kinda awkward Jamal rhymes with Amal...)
Yan Merritt
Amal "Mal" Ridgway (love the last name)
Kai Sipprell (perfect weird last name)
Deacon Cosgriff
Bryn Spakman
Terrie King
Stokley Mitchell (what kind of name is Stokley??)
Clarest Dayne
Elena Dayne (Quebecers ftw)
Fariel Lee (Fariel is the fking best)
Chai Morin
Alfred "Alfie" Charles (love Alfie)

Leslie Kelley (leslie can be a guy's name)
Tobe Fletcher (stayin the same)
Eric "Blindfold" Travis
Brice Brackenbury (can't believe this is a real last name <3)
Enola Fraser
Tacey Radford (Having way too easy a time remembering this name)
Slade Warren (Slade? Badass)
Tempany Kent-Moore
Rae Mitchell
Oaren Kennedy
Pazima Kocijan (only not-canadian last name)
Bibliane Soules (yeeeeah Quebecers)
Cas Price
Nora Orr (even your name is so... normal)
Tafari Darrach

Cedric-Thomas "C.T." Decaire (Cedric T. Decaire)
Raboul Coleman
Oliver "Ollie" Olwin (another humourous name okay)
Coburn "Coby" Eldridge (glad to keep Coby and this is my favourite last name)
The Warden Geoffroy Trimble (adding "the" at the beginning is necessary)

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Can I please do their sleeping habits because of my sleeping character fetish I'm not over?

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