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This, and the doc, will be updated when I think of new things. Yeah, it's a while away, sometime in 2015, most likely.

Together: Delusion is another roleplay series linked in with the now-finished Alone series. Both are creature roleplays.

A summary of the events are as follows:

- Grace and her other friends (Daniel, Stanley, Clara, Tom, Paul - all quite young) have their normal life as humans in school.

- While playing a game outside, Grace suddenly collapses, falling into a coma.

- Grace dreams/imagines all of the events in every single Alone ever made. (Mainly villains attempting to take over the world)

- Alone: Finale ends with the main villain being defeated once and for all, and getting knocked back into sense.

- Everything goes white, Grace wakes up from her coma.

- Grace and Co. grow up as humans in their normal world.

- And then, we have...Delusion.




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Posts: 2246

"The whole school remembered Grace's coma. Her friends said she'd been playing with them at break, and then fell over, unconscious. The whole school knew her, and was quite worried. However, she awoke in due time. A few weeks, to be in fact.

That, was a long, long time ago. Now, everyone's out of school. It's been relatively normal recently. There hasn't really been many events. In fact, the only interesting thing, was all the interviews when Grace woke up. She told the news a bit of what she saw, but not all. Said she felt like she was alone for the whole thing.

But afterwards, and even now, she's together with her friends.

But she still remembers her imagination. Everyone does, don't they?

But what people don't think, is, what if your imagination....

Came to life?

Would it try to kill you? Would it there?

The safest way to find out, would be, together.”



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