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Bramble, I guess.
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Bramble, I guess.
Posts: 50

Names; Nadia and Nala Harkiss
Age; (Approximately) 18
Gender; Female
Birthday; July 1st
Occupation; Acrobats

Nadia and Nala are eerily close, finishing one another's sentences and seeming to feel one another's pain. They often walk around with a length of ribbon wrapped around their legs to bind them together, like you would for a three-legged race, and nobody really knows why. They have a lot of inside jokes and often share secret smirks or pointed glances, which can be irritating when you're trying to have a conversation with them; it feels like you're constantly being judged. The twins are distant and a little unsettling, usually appearing to be lost in thought; some say they have a telepathic connection, but only with one another.
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