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Wow. RES shut down like ages ago. By the way i apologise for my disappearance, I got a new laptop and phone and couldn't find the site on either of them, before forgetting. I lost contact with anyone from RES in, like, January time over kik. >-< By the way, if anyone here has it and wants to chat/rp, message me on Kik (username is chrismtheunicorn) I ALWAYS have my phone by my side so I'll see it pretty much instantly unless im sleeping :3


Chrissssssssss <3 

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Hey dude! Its not active at all tbh. And I lost contact with all my friends too but its partially my fault. With all my exams I didnt visit in 2 years xD But we can make it active again. If we pulled people back and started doing little roleplays at a time the people who stick thier head in when they remember about this place might join in :3


I am the outsider the doctor and the master. The gamer girl and the moshi queen... Seriously those are some of my Res names

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I'd say it depends on your definition of active, honestly 

like, my friends and I have been RPing here since before the forums were overhauled 

but it's pretty much been just us, and even then, we have hiatuses left and right 


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