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1: So is a stingray a mammal or fish? It doesn't have scales. Its sort of smooth/squishy like a whale. 

Concerning Account:

1:Will there be anothr heartbleed thing? I was looking around before made account and saw it, it was in 2014 but is it common?

2:Will popl here not notify of another one if one comes again because its so inactive?

3:What would happen if I were to leave my account for several months on end and then a heartbleed thing occured when i didn't used the website?

4:How often do people check this place? (Esitmate)

5:Is there a way to delete my account?

thank yous for any answers

sorries if in wrong category/etc

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Posts: 4

maybe i could contact teh staff or something and ask them to delete account? woulds that work?

stingrays are fish. its been confirmed.

I don't knows how to put in images sos

-Insert Hetalia Italy Surrendering picture Here-

Pls halp. Sos. Sos. Sos.

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