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andrea (or eva)
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I was walking back from school, a bright blue Eddie Bauer backpack with purple straps was on my shoulders. I carried a creamy yellow book in my hands called ''The Mysterious Benedict Society''. I was reading it, while chewing on my blue and flowers bookmark. I saw my friend walking with her brother and her parents on the opposite side of the street walking towards their house. I wave slightly at a girl dressed in a pink sweater with a green neck brim. She smiles. She was wearing blue and silver sneakers, fitting her absolutely pint-size feet. She was also wearing a skirt, hardly visible through the long sweater.



I knew something odd would happen once I got home. It was just one of those feelings. Like when you're about to do a play, and you have a feeling that your going to forget something, or that your gonna trip, or that you'll fall over the edge of the stage and break something. Well, it was that.




I kept going until I reached my house. I stepped onto the little stone tile wall and walked, made the curve avoiding the corner stone which is loose, and from two stone tiles on the wall, leaped to the wooden steps. I giggled, and ran up the rest of the way. I tried opening the door. Locked. I thought. Mom must be on her way back, or she's tricked me into using my keys...




As always when the door was locked, I would have to come in * through the alleyway, open the door to the backyard and use my keys (which, sadly, are attached to one of my inner pockets in my backpack, so I would have to lift up the bag to open the door). I stumbled through the alley, over bricks and wood. Finally I came to the orangey-red wood door to our yard. I stepped onto my two stacked bricks I used to open the door. I grabbed the handle and slid it across until I heard a click and the door slid open. I smiled and walked in, closing it behind me. I reached the stairs and lifted up my knapsack. I opened the little compartment where I keep my keys. I reached into the key spot, twisted and the door lock let go. I tucked my keys back into the compartment, zipped it shut, opened the door and walked in. ''Hello? Mom?'' I called into the empty kitchen. ''Mom! I'm home!''



I shut the white glass door behind me and flung my bag over my shoulder. I shook off my flip flops and walked up the stone steps out of the sun room and into the kitchen. ''Mom!!'' I yelled, anxiety gripping my heart like cold claws. This never happened before. I'd never been home alone after I came back from school. I would use my keys, but only because Mom would lock the doors by either accident or because she wanted me to test out or use my keys.



Obviously this was the solution to my feeling. Mom locked the doors.



Suddenly I heard thudding down the carpeted steps leading upstairs and saw the familiar head of my mother peek through the wall. ''Oh. Did I lock the doors? Sorry. I guess I forgot! You know I'm so used to locking them because in the country we come from everyone needs to lock the doors or else the bandits...'' she said, but I stopped listening. My gaze was drawn to a small stack of papers in the dining room. I took out the case for my glasses, wiped them, stored then and left my bag in the kitchen and held the case in one hand. I left it on the dining room table, and reached for the little pile of papers. ''Anything in the mail for me?'' I asked, sorting through the sheets and envelopes.



''Well, yes... uh...'' she stammered, not knowing how to explain a scarlet envelope with my name on it. The red wax seal with the first letter of my Academy name was not broken, which means that my mother had not yet opened it.



I looked at the seal closer. It wasn't the initial of my academy. I went to Cherry Brooks, and this was.... the letter H.


The envelope was red, with a seal that had a H on it. I blinked. ''Mom...?'' I started to ask but realized that she was in an anxiety attack. She didn't have an anxiety disorder, she was just... well, anxious. I tore open the seal and carefully pulled out a letter. It was beige with swirls on it. I started to read...







Dearest Miss Reef Evans,



We are joyous to have you as a future pupil here at Hogwarts. Today is your birthday, I presume?


You are turning eleven. Eleven is the age of discovery, the age when you discover your true powers. That little wizard inside you... Oh yes.




You are to come to Diagon Alley at midnight tonight.


Of course, to reach Diagon Alley you must be attended by a wizard. A full wizard. Your wizard will be Hagrid. Hagrid will take you to get your things at the Alley and then you will go to the Kings Cross Station to board a train and reach the school. You are to buy a wand and show up with either a toad, a black cat, a rat, a hamster or an owl of your choice.

 We look forward to seeing you at the school.



Headmaster Dumbledore






I stared, utterly baffled at the letter. I heard hooting outside the house and, even more baffled, opened the front door to see what it was. An owl was perched on the mailbox. It tipped its head, as if to ask me if I had read the letter. I looked at it sideways. I nodded very slowly, as if my life depended on this very nod. My mouth was part-open so instead of seeing my lips you see my white teeth. I took slow breaths. I was about to explode. I was a wizard. A wizard. Correction, a witch. A witch. I'm a witch. My thoughts were all so tense I thought I might pass out. As I felt myself begin to tip backwards, I realized what I was going in for. If I did fall, I would probably have a concussion with my bamboo floor. But if I stopped myself...


I extended my foot backwards to catch myself. This was the oportunity of a lifetime! It seemed hours had passed. Hours, and hours, of me gaping at the snowy white owl. I saw a very tall man approaching my front porch. He was very tall. He had a brown, dirty beard, for civilised standards.



''Miss Evans, I believe?'' he croaked. This must be Hagrid... like the letter said. I checked my watch. It was five to ten.


I nodded, mor energetically then when I nodded at the owl.


He motioned for me to follow with a wave of his hand. ''Come.'' he said.


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andrea (or eva)
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----NOTE: This might show slight changes from the original thing in Harry Potter, since my memory isnt sharp, so I sort of forget all that yeah.----






''I'm Hagrid.'' he said. He extended an oversize hand for me to shake.






''I-I'm Reef, but I suspect you already know...'' I said, and shook his hand.






''Aye, we know. And we're on our way to Diagon Alley to get you all set for the school year.'' he said. He pushed the door to a bar. Everyone cheered.






''Hagrid, is it?''






''Hey look, Timin! Its Hagrid!''



''I have eyes for myself, George!''



''Who's that fine young lass with you, eh?''



''Ravenclaw potential, I'd say!''



''Goodness, Edders! Its The Boy Who Lived's cousin!''



''The little Evans girl!''





''Julian, George, Timin, Edders and all the rest, this is Reef. We're on our way to do some back-to-school shopping!'' Hagrid announced.






Evans? I thought. Yes, my name is Reef Evans.


Lily Evans is my aunt, but unfortunately she died before I was even born. But she comes to me sometimes in my dreams, or in times of trouble she gives me advice. Harry Potter is my cousin. He doesnt very much love when its summer and I visit him at the Dursley's house. But I usually spend my summer with this girl named Amanda Weasley. Amanda is Ginny Weasley's sister, she's my age and she knew she was a wizard all along.



My father died when I was very young. I decided to call myself Evans, not Emilders.






Hagrid borught me to a store room near the back. He took out his wand and outlined some bricks in a zig-zaggy pattern. Why so complicated?



Then the bricks opened to a backalley. We stepped through, the makeshift door and Hagrid closed it behind us. I looked both ways. To my left was a dead end, obviously the way to transport. the other way revealed a busy street with men and women scampering about with carts and trollies. He led me to the street. A streetsign read Diagon Alley 445.





''Hagrid, this is Diagon Alley, isn't it?'' I asked, intrigued.






''It most certainly is!'' he responded and chuckled.






He led me to a building that said in huge letters ''BANK''.



''We must retrieve some money before we can start shopping. Your father left you more than enough to be prepared for your discovery year.'' he said to me before propping himself at a desk. An ugly-ish elf with a disfigured face attended us. ''Mm.. yes?'' the goblin said looking up.



''I'm here to get some money for the girl. She's a first year, and ready to get on with school. We need safe number 5845.''






''Go to section 1-B and Chillado will be tending to you with the cart.'' he said slowly.






Hagrid and I went to the section. A much more pleasant and kind elf tended to us. ''Hello!'' he had said. ''I'm Chillado-Bonado and at your service!'' here he did a small bow and held his light blue cap before it fell off his head. He hopped into a cart. ''Step right in! You have the key don't you, big guy?''






Hagrid grunted, amused by the elf's upbeat personality. ''Of course I do.''


The cart zoomed through caves like a mine-cart. Finally, he stopped it at a safe door that had the title 'EVANS FAMILY HEIR'.



''This is it, is it not, sir?'' Chillado said. He grinned until his mouth reached his ears. Literally. Elves have special face muscles to be able to smile harder. Some elves chose not to use their ability, like the goblin that tended to us, but some make the most of it, like Chillado.



''It sure is.'' Hagrid replied. He inserted a round blue pendant into the lock, and with a creak, the iron door slid open. I couldnt believe my eyes! There were mountains of gold, the room was no bigger than your local playground park.



Hagrid caught my amazement and smiled. ''Dont worry; we won't need to carry all of this around today. We just need one or two bags...'' he started filling up two bags with the coins in the safe. ''Oh, and you'll be needing this.'' he handed me the blue pendant. For the first time, I noticed it had a small hole in the top. I assumed it was to thread it for safe keeping.



When we were done with the coins, Chillado brought us back to the lobby. ''I'll be seeing you, lass!'' he called after us. I smiled and waved. ''Good-bye.'' I muttered.


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andrea (or eva)
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As we left the bank, with two small bags of coins, Hagrid began to tell me.

''First, we make a visit to the pet shop. As the letter said... we must get you a toad, hamster, owl, cat or... -what was the last one?- ah yes! A parrot, was it?''

''You mean a rat?'' I said.

''Yes! A rat. Thats what it was.''

''I have the letter right here Hagrid, maybe we should check it for reference or--''

''Pah! Reference Shmeference! I have that letter memorized! I've been delivering them for at least ten years!'' he said. That was the end of the discussion.


I still took the letter out of my pocket. It was then I realized there was a supply list on the back.


◾Uniform -

◾Three Sets of Plain Work Robes (Black)

◾One Plain Pointed Hat (Black) for day wear

◾One Pair of Protective Gloves (dragon hide or similar)

◾One Winter Cloak (Black, silver fastenings)

◾Please note that all student's clothes should carry name-tags at all times.


◾Books -

◾The Standard Book of Spells (Grade 1) by Miranda Goshawk

◾A History of Magic by Bathilda Bagshot

◾Magical Theory by Adalbert Waffling

◾A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration by Emeric Switch

◾One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi by Phyllida Spore

◾Magical Drafts and Potions by Arsenius Jigger

◾Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by Newt Scamander

◾The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection by Quentin Trimble


◾Other Equipment -

◾1 Wand

◾1 Cauldron (pewter, standard size 2)

◾1 set of glass or crystal phials

◾1 telescope

◾1 set of brass scales

◾Students may also bring an owl, cat, toad, rat, or hamster.



Now that's what I call a shopping spree!


Hagrid first brought me to a blue store that said ''ANNIE'S UNIFORM SHOP''.


''Uniform!'' Hagrid said. ''Now we need...'' he stopped. ''I forget.''


''Ha! So you dont exactly have it 'memorized' do you?''


''No... I just hate instructions. Now where's that list of yours?''


''What if I told you I didn't bring it?''


''Stupid child! I know you brought it! You're holding in your hand right  now!''

''I said what if.''

''No big deal. I can magic one up whenever I want!''

''Oh.'' I said, defeated. I handed him my paper.


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andrea (or eva)
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''Ah yes... Uniform, one of the most important parts of our day....'' he trailed off as he saw another child about my age walking alongside a woman who was rather young. Hovering in her mid thirties, I'd say. The child wore red hair in ringlets and had green eyes that sparkled with intrigue as the woman talked about Hogwarts. 

''Proffessor Anchorjibe! Ah yes. I thought you wouldn't turn up! And who is this, fine lass, is this the new first year Ailish?''

''Indeed she is.'' The woman, Proffessor Anchorjibe nodded approvingly.

The girl tipped her head. ''Miss, who is that?'' she asked, pointing at me with a surprising Irish accent. I should've known! Ailish is a typical Irish name, I suppose. 

''That, dear, is Reef Evans. She will be attending Hogwarts School of Withcraft and Wizardry along with you.'' the woman replied gently. 

''And who is she?'' I asked Hagrid, pointing at the proffessor. 

''That is Proffessor Anchorjibe, she'll be teaching Potionology this year.'' he said quickly. ''How far have you gotten into your shopping, Linda?" 

''Oh... we just came back from getting her money from the bank, and we're off to buy the uniforms... You?''

''Same, of course. Maybe we could go together?'' Hagrid croaked.

''Sounds amazing.'' She replied. Realizing they were standing right infront of a uniform shop, she turned back to Ailish. ''We missed it! Miss Straiting, we must hurry. Lets go, quickly!'' she ushered Ailish Straiting into the shop where me and Hagrid were. 

''The robes, Hagrid. Its the first thing on the list.'' I said.

''So, I guess you are Reef Evans...?'' the girl said, nervously, as if she had been told to say that and wasn't so sure on herself.

''Yeah.'' I answered, matching her shyness. I had never had any real friends before. Amanda Weasles wasn't very kind to me. And she didnt have the eight older brothers and sister, I think. I was mistaken for Amanda Weasley not Weasles. And as my cousin Harry is always talking about Ginny Weasley and Ron Weasley, I supposed they were related. But Amanda took me to her house, and it was as tiny as a coffin. It wasnt even a house! It was an appartment, way downtown London. There was only two rooms and she only had a mother and father living with her. Everyone at school thought I was a freak, dont ask me why. It was probably because they think that I still have 'frog germs' from a grade three zoo field trip. We were near the frog exhibition and -bloop!- a frog jumped out of the cage and landed on my shoulder. Of course, I screamed like any normal seven-year-old  girl. Everyone leaped away from me as if the frog was contagious. A zookeeper came to remove it and put it back in the cage. Everyone thinks I still have frog germs and or frogitis

''I-I'm Ailish Connor.... we need to look for robes. Quick, before Proffessor Anchorjibe catches us.'' she said quickly, very fast talking like an average Irish girl... except she was a witch, first year witch.  

Later we found all our necessary clothing, and headed off for the book store. It was a mess in that place. There were books all over the place, discarded hamburgers and other wizard food. There was rotten cheese around the clock, there were leaks in the ceiling, making the ink run over books. There were ripped out pages and covers with no pages. 

''Come on girls. This is the place.'' Hagrid announced.

''Are you sure, Hagrid, Proffessor? This place is worse than my Aunty Mathilda's appartment!'' Ailish complained.

''Oh, certainly, its just, well, uhh... I dont know! Hagrid, is this the right shop? Its just so... messy.'' Anchorjibe asked, nervously. 

What was wrong with this woman? She seemed more lost than a blind mouse in a forest! The answer came to me. She was a first year proffessor! Meaning this was her first year at Pig-Pimples. Wait, is it even called that? No... not so certain, am I? Ugh.

''Dont worry, Linda. This place has just recieved a havoc spell.'' Hagrid reassured her. He poured a little bit of green powder from a brown leather bag. The whole place glowed. ''Yup. Havoc spell, alright.'' He stored the pouch in his pocket. He took out his wand. ''Repairo.'' he said, and the room immediately tidied up. The food and junk disappeared, the leaks stopped, etc. It was now a much better place to be. 

A stout man with a beardy orange chin peered up from behind the counter. He held a tissue to his nose, as if he sneezed, but  nothing was heard. ''Oh, my Dirtwood wands with a dragon heart on top! Thank you, madam....'' he stopped as he eyed Hagrid oddly.

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andrea (or eva)
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''What now? Theres a height limit to enter your shop? Goodness, thats discrimination!'' Hagrid mumbled. I held in my laugh.

I turned back to Ailish. ''But if your Ailish Connor, why did she call you Straiting?'' I asked her.

Ailish, seeming not to have had too many conversations in her life, especially not spontanious ones, trembled a bit. ''We-well, Co-Connor is my second last name. But in attendance sheets and all that, the name ''Straiting'' appears. I sometimes get confused, so, thats... why....'' she whispered.

''Oh. Okay...'' I must admit I was rather shy myself. I dont very much like to meet new people. In fact, I dont have any friends. Im always the dark girl in the corner. But I'd never say that to someone who just met me. That would ruin me. They would think its because Im rude and brisk. Im not! They think so. Because I blurt. And when I blurt I accidentally say things I dont mean to. But right now, my composition was a-okay and my chances of making friends with this girl where around five-star. 

After the robes, and the cauldron, and the books, we went to get our pets. Pets! I already knew what I was going to get. A snowy owl! Ailish was excited too, by the way her steps bounced. She bore a grin on her face. ''What will you get?'' I asked. 

''An cat!'' she answered. ''A silky, black cat named ShadowSpell! You?''

''A snowy owl named Bowwing!'' I answered, matching her enthusiasm.

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andrea (or eva)
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After all the rest of the shopping, we finally ended up at the Wand Shop. The Wand Shop. The spot that would determine what we were capable of and when. This was all in one shop. Hagrid led me and Ailish inside. Proffessor Anchorjibe had stayed behind, to wander in the plaza and eat a little. She explained she was no first-year proffessor, though she got wary and confused when she was hungry or hadn't eaten for a while.

The kind man at the desk heard the bell on the door ring, and shot up from his hunched position, clearly checking something below the counter in the shelves. ''Hello, Hagrid! What brings you here on this fine morning? Has your wand cracked again?'' he asked in a cracked voice, as if he had been coughing. To prove my suspicions, he errupted in a fit of coughing into his elbow. Hagrid handed him a hankerchief. ''Here.'' he said.


''I'm here to find wands for these two first-years. Mr. Careed.'' Hagrid answered the mans question. 

''Ah. Excellent! My favorite part of this job!'' he said, then clapped his hands together, twining his fings. ''First one up? I presume it will the the one that shares Harry's blood, am I correct?'' he asked. I stepped forward. ''Come along, now, dear!'' he said, motioning my follow. ''Presume you have your 50 Cubics it will cost you for one wand?'' I didnt know what Cubics were, but I guessed it was the coins we used in the wizard world. At least, I believe this is a world... or a fragment of one. Correct?

Mr. Careed led me into a narrow passage, enough space for two people to stand side-by-side. He leaned down and put a hand on my back, guiding me and pointing to all the types of wand. ''...Unicorn Twine, Dragon cord, Dirtwood core, Burberry juice...'' he mentioned many things until he stopped at ''Pegasus Feather'' It was then I understood I wasnt to choose my wand, but it was to be assigned to me. He was just saying the names for the cause of knowledge. ''Pegasus Feather for miss Evans!'' he declared. He took a Dirtwood purposely. ''Or a Dirtwood, maybe just maybe, a Dragon Heart cord.'' he slid a slim green box out of a shelf and removed the lid, revealing a red velvet lined compartment, with nothing in it at all. ''What?'' the man murmured. ''Oh of course. Wrong section! This is the Empty Box section for when we get a new shipment, we load them in these. Excuse me.'' he told me. He pulled out a REAL Dirtwood. ''There we go!'' he opened it and handed a nine inch wand. ''Long.'' I said when I held the handle. ''Very long.'' he told me to wave it around in the air. Unpurchased wands only do certain things, depending on the holder. I waved it around, spelling my name in the air. I knew it wouldnt work.

But then, blue sparkly letters apeared spelling my name. Reef Amelia Evans Emilder. Strange. I didn't write my middle name and second last name. But then, the man said, that it recognized me and spelled my name, regardless of what I did. It activated. The wand shot forward, bringing me with it. I  flew through the air. Technically, the wand was flying through the air. I tried to check the wand for a button or something but I got nothing. Gee, this hallway was LONG. And idea came to me when I was only a few feet from the wall. I waved it in the air and I dropped to the ground. Mr. Careed came running. ''Are you alright?'' he asked, concerned.

''Yes..'' I said, holding my throbbing head.

''Come, we'll use my wand to get us back to the other side.'' he took it out a wand of his own and said some odd words and in a flash, there we were, in the near end of the hallway where we had been standing before. He placed the wand back in the case.

We tried a couple more wands, a Dragon Cord (too painful) and a Unicorn Twine (too light) until he handed me the perfect one. Disintegrated Pegasus Feather Wand is what he said.

I strode out of the hallway and into the room where my friends were waiting. Ailish was pacing trying to contain herself, from time to time, stroking ShadowSpell to calm her excitement.


Ailish came out a few minutes after. During those minutes, Hagrid and I heard crashes and thumps. Apparently, one wand knocked some boxes out of their shelves. Then we hear a painful cry that belonged to Mr. Careed. Another wand, with no hopes, probably smacked him in the face with it. Then, we heard another cry. This time from Ailish. Another wand had smacked HER in the face. Then, we heard a satisfied chuckle and Ailish came out with a box like mine. ''Gryffin Wing.'' she said proudly. ''You?''

''Pegasus Feather'' I replied excited.





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andrea (or eva)
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I clutched the handle to my cart. My plams were white, and my forehead was beaded with sweat, excitement and nervousness.

Ailish stood beside me, perspiring just the same and wide-eyed, with no expression at all.

I looked around me. Kings Cross Station was bustling and busting with people around every corner. Hagrid had told us we had a full hour before Hogwarts Express arrived, so we might as well get to know the place, so there we were, standing in the middle of the crowd. Anchorjibe had departed earlier to prep for classes, but as Hagrid didn't teach year 1 first session classes, he was fine.  


We stood beside Platform Nine. I had my ticket.

Platform 9 & 3/4

it read. Ailish and I were as lost and blind mice. ''How about we ask for our spot?'' I said.

"Well... go ahead, give it a shot... but... but..." she said, stuttering, "just go." she finished, blinking and shaking her head.

I walked up to a man in a red suit with yellow epaulettes and a red chauffer cap with the Kings Cross sign on it, which was technically the outline of the building.

"May I aid you, Madam?" he said, a Scottish accent showing clearly with the extra stress on the word 'madam', tipping his hat and bowing curtly, to reveal short cropped, jutting cut brown hair. He had dashing blue eyes and freckles. I say he's about eighteen, desperate for a job while keeping school in order.

"Um.. yes." I say. "I would like to know where platform 9 3/4 is." I finish.

The boy chuckled. "Nine tree quarters?" he asked, as if he hadnt heard right. He said 'three' 'tree'. "Well, laddy! That doesnt exist here at Kings Cross!" he finished. "I'm B-R-A-D-A-N, but thats Brayden to you." he leaned closer and whispered; "Right through there, lass." he indicated towards the Platform Nine collumn.

"What?! You mean I need to go through a wall to get to the--" Bradan

"Shush, lassy. Do you want everybody to know about Pig Pimple?" he whispered, then mouthed 'synonyms', so I assumed it was Hogwarts what he talked about. I knew I wasnt that far!


"So-so you're a wizard too? I mean, well, ordinary people, don't know about this place... right.. Bray, Broy, Brait...?" I said.

"Brayden." he said.

"Right, Brayden. Well?"

"No. Muggles do not."


"Non-wizard people."


"Yes? I sense there is more to your thoughts than you speak of."


"Tell me, child."

"I feel my friends shun me. Except Ailish. But I fear we'll be put in different places when we get to the castle." I said, nervous.

Brayden  knelt down on one knee. "Look, I am a Hogwarts intern. I study, and I help out. I will be attending the school. I talked with Proffessor McGonagall and she said she was quite certain you and her were either Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. Possibly Hufflepuff." he said.

"Really? I dont think professors, not even headmasters, can tell what the Sorting Hat says! So when am I going to meet this Stumbledoor guy?" I asked.

"Dumbledoor is no longer with us. McGonagall is the new headmaster after Snape." Brayden asked. I saw Hagrid emerge from his hut.

"I have to go. See you!" I called, waving back.

"Ailish, I realized we need to run through this collumn." I said when I arrived to where my friend waited.

"Really truly?" she asked, britishly.

"Really truly," I say.

"Gals, it's time." Hagrid says.


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andrea (or eva)
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"Go on, now, kiddo. We dont have all day. The Express leaves in fifteen minutes, but it takes ten to get through, so five minutes to make sure everythings there and boom, we embark." Hagrid urged.

I held my breath, closed my eyes and ran into the pillar.

I thought I would bang into something, but I felt floaty and airy, and I opened my eyes, me and my cart where floating in blackness. I get nausea. Worse yet, my cart is UP. SIDE. DOWN.

I feel all my things are going to drop and fall into pitch darkness, with nothing to ever retrieve them. I got the odd feeling as if a gravity less space. I blinked and found myself on another platform, yet crowded with people.I looked up.

9  3/4

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andrea (or eva)
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Five minutes later, Hagrid emerges with a pale green Ailish.

She's clutching a paper bag.

"You okay?" I asked.

"Yeah... F-fine..." She says. "J-just o-one s-s-second..." She puts the bag to her mouth and -BLERGH- it comes right out and into the bag.

"Ew." I say.

"There there, kiddo." Hagrid says, patting her on the back so hard she almost falls over.

"The trains here, now." Hagrid says.

An amazing steamtrain arrives in the station. It toots. Like a train in  fairytales.


"At last." I mutter.

We board the train and pick a booth thats empty.


Then it starts to move...

We're leaving! Going to Hogwarts! Hurra!


Five minutes later, two boys walk in.

One has black hair and bright green eyes, with small freckles about.

The other has orange hair and green eyes.


"Do you mind?" the orange hair one asks.

"Everywhere else is full." adds the brown hair one.


"Sure." I shrug. "I'm Reef Evans and--"

"Evans! Drew, did you hear that?"

"Bloody hell! It's the Evans girl!"

I blink. "So?"

"Your famous! You're... Wait... yes... you are!!" The orange hair says. "I'm Drew Weasley! Pleasure to meet you!" he extends his hand.

I shake it. "You are...?" I ask the other.

"Albus Severus Potter." the other says.

"Potter!" I exclaim. "You're my cousin!"

"I realized that."



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andrea (or eva)
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Technically this was only the intro.

I'm making another fanfic about Scorpius, Albus, Rose, and Everyone Else.


andrea (they/them)

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andrea (or eva)
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I woke up.

Dreaming! Again!

No Potters or Weasley's here.


Two boys named Fraser Cricketlore and Drew Listen came to join us. So did a girl named Jen LaMar.


I looked out the window. It was dark, but in the moonlight you could see and enormous castle with towers and windows and it was just beautiful! Majestic! Almost.... magical. "We're here." I say.

Drew wakes up groggy.

Fraser starts bouncing in his seat and Jen, unable to contain herself, starts singing and screeching.


The train stopped.


Me, Ailish, Jen and Fraser climbed into one boat.

"Where are the oars?" I wonder out loud.

"There arent any." Fraser says. "Their magic."

Oh! Cool!

"What about Drew?" Ailish asks.

"He's a second year." Jen replies.

"Oh. That makes sense."

Hagrid climbed into his own boat, and then all the other boats started to follow his.

We reached the other side quickly.

Hagrid opened the doors and we saw a dream come true. There were red silk carpets everywhere, lined with golden.

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andrea (or eva)
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A beautiful yet aged woman stood at the top of the stairs. She wore a green and black dress, and a classic black witch hat with a feather on it. Her expression; unreadable.


''Welcome, students." she said. ''I am Professor McGonagall, Headmistress and teacher of Transfiguration!

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andrea (or eva)
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"I render many services here at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Such as the Sorting Ceremony.


Very soon, you will line up in the center aisle of the dining hall. There will be a stool. I will call your names and you will sit on that stool. I will place the Sorting Hat on your head and he will decide which house you shall be sorted into!" She says. I shiver. "Now, without further ado, let us begin!"


She led us into the HUGE dining hall, with four immensly long tables, and the front part of the hall is raised by two or three steps. There is a marble table where all the teachers are seated, facing the same way. A throne-like seat is empty in the center of the table. Professor McGonagall stepped up onto the platform, beside a stool with a brown leather witch hat with a wrinkle-face.



"Sabrine Cliondeau!"


"SLYTHERIN!" The hat said.


"Amanda Ruthischild!"


"HUFFLE.......RAVENCLAW!" the hat teased.






"Miranda Crisp!"




The other names went by in a blur, until I snapped to when she called Fraser.

Fraser looked as panicked as ever, his eyes huge, bulging. and he was sweating.

The hat started messing with him.

"SWEATERPUFF!! Haha! No, no no, noo..." it said. "You are a RAVENCLAW!" Fraser looked relieved as he walked over to his table.

"Jenniffer LaMar!"

Jen gulped.

"Haha... should I mess with you?"

Jen knew exactly how to handle the hat.

"Yes, please." she said.

"Well-- Say what? Did you say... RAVENCLAW."

"Bianca Baltimore!"


"Sinead Krane!"


"Kaishe Bluets!"

"That fine guy... is a GRYFFINDOR!"

"Yamee Kist!"


"Ailish Straiting!" McGonagall announced somewhat dramatically. She wiggled her eyebrows and watched Ailish to the hat.

Oh this girl... This girl... what to do... what to do...

Not Slytherin.

Not Slytherin? NOT SLYTHERIN??!!

Yes. Not Slytherin.

Oh, but I see ambition, cruelty, you and Slytherin could be a good match, dont you think?


Well, you are partially right, I mean, you have talent, foolproof and you can fool people like that Jenny girl...

Really? Is that Hufflepuff quality?

No... Thats


Ailish stepped off the stool looking anxious as ever.

About three dozen more names were called. I almost dozed off. Until...


"Reef Evans! My dear, my dear... sit down!"

I was prepared.

Now, you are brave, feisty... You have a generous shell around your heart thats blocking my view of your deepest qualities... but oh! Whats this I see? Ambiton! Trickery! Evil!

No, no, no!! I can't be in Slytherin. I need to aid Ailish.

Begging! Who knew one could beg with their thoughts! I believe you have obvious and bright-as-sun bravery and loyalty... I'm about to say Gryffindor! Oh... this is a tough one!

"McGonagall, return this one later. She's a feisty one."

I gap.

Professor gaps.

All the teachers gap.

"What?" I ask.

"The hat... it has never said that before. You are special, different!" the Headmistress whispered.

I blink. Wow.

There were about three thousand more kids waiting. All their names went by quickly until me and Frederik Kilone were left. And about six others.

"If you tell the hat Slytherin, it will put you there. It works with no other house." Fred said. Heh. That rhymes. Fred said. "If you thinl Slytherin, I can help you with your studies and let you cheat off my work." he said, smugly. "Do we have a deal?" he extended his hand for me to shake.

"I think I can pass my own tests, thank you very much." I narrow my eyes. Fred gets called. Before the Headmistress even places the hat on him, it says "SLYTH'RIN!"

I was the only one left. I sigh.


"Reef Evans here has made the hat unsure! It is evening. You will go to your houses. She will be sorted during the night, so the Hat has enough time to think about her!" She said. "Everyone, you have a half hour to eat and you will be sent to your dormitories!"

She turned to me and in a lower tone whispered; "Reef Evans Potter... I expected the Hat to be unsure. I will set the stool aside so you may do your session instead of in plain view."

I nod.

She and I move the stool and I sit.

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andrea (or eva)
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She gently places the hat on my head and says;

"Hat, please, I expect you to transfer your words to her mind instead of out loud, okay?'' she says.

Can't make me.

''Silencius Pensandius Transferius.'' she says with a wave of her wand.

The hat nods its mouth.

Now, I see. Tell Gonagall to get you a sandwich or something; we're gonna be here a while.

I say that to McGonagall and she nods.

I clutch my knit berret in my hands. It's very a la mode, now. McGonagall said it was a-okay for me to wear it in Hogwarts

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