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The trailer thinggy that is always on the back cover.

I just want you, before reading this, that this book is the pure truth. I still have nightly terrors of my history. This first year of my life that I have enirely recorded may not seem like much, and it isn't. You wouldn't know, you can't imagine how frightening the most recent event that has happened was, shortly over three years ago. You don't know the pain I've been through, because no one has ever cast the Cruciatus Curse on you. I'll bet one-thousand galleons that you aren't half-mad because of your past, or that you murdured someone that once kissed you. Before I get into all the details, just read this first part, and promise me you'll belive it. 


Much of my life would be uncovered during these seven years, I knew it. All I know so far: my name is Rebekah Ilanah Granger, but I almost forced people to call me Becca. My sister is Hermione Jean Granger. I am a witch, a muggle-born witch. My sister knows Harry Potter, the most famous underage wizard of the century. I was likely to become his friend.


This was it. I was going to my first year at Hogwarts. Hogwarts.... I was going to be with my own kind. People who knew how to do magic. I felt as if I was in a dream. but it wasn't. I was ACTUALLY a witch. A month ago, I would've been spending almost sleepless nights with the excitement of going back to the Muggle school, so you can't imagine the amount of excitement building up inside me now. Almost there" Daddy said, and a wave of excitement shook me, I couldn't stop grinning.Last year, Mum and Dad left me with my aunty, and they took Hermione to Diagon Alley. Then we parked in a parking spot. My knees felt weak with excitement. We were going to Diagon Alley. And I'd be getting a wand. And a bunch of other stuff.


What was happening?

There was a boy, who looked around Hermione's age... with circle glasses. And green eyes... and messy (like mine, which always had flyaways... and got poufy after I brushed it).... He was kinda cute...

"Harry!" Hermione ran towards the boy.. wait...She said "Harry"? I'm crushing on Harry Potter? Woah...

"Oh, hi, Hermione!" Harry called back. Then I caught up with Hermione. "Who's that?"

"Oh, this is Rebekah--"

"I thought I told you Hermione, I like being called Becca." I told her.

"Rebekah Granger." She finished.

"I didn't know you had a sister, Hermione." Harry said.

"Well, I do have a sister. What happened to you're glasses, Harry?"

"They broke." Actually now that Hermione pointed that out, Harry's glasses did look quite broken. Cracked and.... cracked.

Hermione took out her wand. "Occulus Reparo." And the got unbroken... is that a real word? I might need that spell someday, though. I'm a real klutz

"Thanks, Hermione! I'll need to remember that." Harry smiled.


Ok, so... I got my books.... and all my supplies...

Then I got a WAND..

I had to go through.... um.... about eleven wands before I found the right one.

My wand is twelve-and-a-half inches long, and made of dogwood. It's core is dragon heart-string, and it's flexibility is hard. I like it.

Chapter 1

Oh my God. Was this actually happening? I pinched myself to make sure. "Ouch!" Yes, this was actually happening. I'm really Hermione's sister. I'm really a witch. I really met Harry Potter last night... Harry Potter.And now, I am at Kings Cross station. We met the Weasley’s and Harry there.

"You need to run through there." Hermione explained, at -what looked like- a solid brick wall.

"WHAT?!" I know I almost screamed; almost half the people in the station stared at me. "You can't be serious Hermione," I said, more quietly this time. "That wall is BRICK."

"Or so, you think." Hermione replied calmly., and walked through the wall. Everyone except Ginny, Ron, Harry and I followed.

"You first, Becca." Harry insisted.

"Together." Ginny whispered. I nodded, extremely worried, and we both pushed our carts into the wall.


There must've been thousands of witches and wizards ther. Maybe hundreds of thousands. Well, maybe that was exaggerating, but I'd never seen so many people in my life. The train whistle blew. "C'mon, Becca, we'd better get on."

On the train, there was nowhere to sit, only where Hermione and another girl were.

"Can you fit two more?" I asked

Hermione looked up from an almost-finished spellbook. D'you really have to start lessons early, Hermione? I thought to myself. "Oh, Rebekah! Of course! Sit anywhere!"

"Thanks, Hermione. But, call me Becca." I sat in the window seat corner, because that was my favourite spot... everywhere. "I'm Becca Granger." I introduced myself to the girl that was sitting across from me. She had almost-waist-length, curly, sorta messy blonde hair, and wide, green eyes.

"I'm Luna Lovegood. Is this your first year here? It's mine."


"What house do you expect to be in? I'd like to be in Ravenclaw."

"I guess Ravenclaw would be nice... but, I'd really like to be in Gryffindor, with my sister."

Luna pulled out a book and read it.. upside-down.

"Luna? Your book is upside-down"

"I know."


And then, There was nothing really left to do, but read...


The train stopped.

A GIANT man walked through the train, shouting "Firs' years, follow me!

"That's you, Hermione told me. "Leave your things here."

I followed the man out of the train to a lake. "Now," he bellowed. "It's tradition fer firs' years to get ter Hogwarts 'cross the Black Lake. So no more 'n four to a boat."

Oh great, so now, we'll not only be WET when we get inside, we'll be tired, too.

"Becca! Becca!" I heard Ginny calling me. But where was she? "Ginny? Ginny!" I called back. Finally, we found each other, and we got on a boat that had no one else in it, and we rowed.

Finally, we got to Hogwarts. It looked like a mansion. Hermione had already told me that we would be sorted into houses. There were four; Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin. A boy with white-blond hair stopped beside me.

"What's your name?" He asked.

"Becca. Becca Granger. You are?"

"Draco Malfoy. Are you Hermione Granger's sister?"


"She keeps blabbing on about you, you filthy mudblood." He said those last words, "Filthy mudblood", as though he was proud to say them. Don't you hate it when something as small as that makes you cry on the best day of your life?

Today was one of those times. I quickly wiped them away as soon as I felt them on my cheeks, so no one noticed.

"I am Professor McGonagall." Said an elderly witch with her hair in a tight bun. "I will call you all up one by one, and you will sit on the stool and put the hat on. It will then sort you into a house. Sorting Ceremonies are one of the most crucial in Hogwarts, because while you are here, your house will become more or less, your family. There are four houses; Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin."

Most of the names went by in a blur. "Granger, Rebekah!" Time seemed to slow as I pushed my way out of the crowd of first-years, and made my way up to the stool. I sat down, and the hat dropped right over my eyes.

You have courage but then there's your ambitious side.

Who the heck are you?!

I'm the Sorting Hat.



Can you put me in Gryffindor? I tried hopefully.

I would, but there isn't enough Gryffindor in you. There is mostly "SLYTHERIN!"

There was clapping from the Slytherin table. I sat down to join them.


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Chapter 2

The alarm clock rang, and I groaned and turned onto my stomach, slowly opening my eyes. I had expected to be in my bed back at home, because being a witch seemed like it could only happen in a dream. But I opened my eyes and I saw the cloth of the four-poster bed in front of me, and the dark green and silver pillowcases. My pillowcases are purple... I think I need new glasses. I thought, but when I realized there was more than just me in this room, I knew that this was reality. I grinned and pulled my uniform on. I was ready to leave but felt like I had forgotten something. Glasses. I grabbed my glasses and put them on. I headed to the Great Hall... but that took me awhile... around ten minutes.

"Good morning, Hermione, Harry, Ron."

"Morning." They all called back.

"Sit." Hermione said, patting a spot next to hers. I sat, knowing better to argue. "So, we're waiting for Ronald to finish." Said exasperated Hermione. "Who're you sharing your dormitory with?"

"I dunno." I began. "I never got the chance to ask."

"Done." Ron announced, while Hermione rolled her eyes.

"C'mon, let's go show you around." Hermione headed out of the Great Hall.

"So... what do you want to see first?" Ron asked.

"I don't know.. I still sorta think I'm dreaming." I admitted.

"Oh, I know! Hagrid's Hut!" Hermione suggested.

"Hagrid?" I was confused. "Who's Hagrid?"

"The man who took you to across the lake."



As we walked up to the doorstep, I could hear a dog that sounded about five times as massive as a great dane barking, but it wasn't an angry bark.

"Down, Fang, Down!" I guessed that was Hagrid. Fang? Ah well, what's in a name? Hagrid opened the door. "Mornin', Harry, Ron, Hermione."

"Good morning, Hagrid." They all said in unison.

"An' who's this?" Hagrid beamed at me.

"Becca Granger." I muttered; loud people scared me.

"Come in, come in." Hagrid invited, and we all came in.


"So, yer in Slytherin, Becca?"

"Yup. But, it's done now."

"You're right. Can't change it..." He paused. "Why don't you want to be in Slytherin?"

"Well, I've heard Voldemort was in Slytherin." Hagrid, Ron, Hermione, and Harry stared at me. "I've got the right to say Voldemort's name! Oh, I've just remembered.. I've gotta show you guy's something." I dug out a peacock quill, and some parchment from my bag. "Hagrid, d'you have any ink I could borrow?" He handed me a bottle of ink, which I dipped my quill into, and quickly wrote:




"I took French lessons during Elementary school in Canada -Elementary is the same as Primary- I wish I could've finished... I was only in Grade four when Hermione got the Hogwarts letter.. -Grades are the same as Years.- Anyways," I clapped for emphasis. "If you were to say 'fly from death' in French, you'd say 'Vol de mort'. Hagrid, what time is it?"

"Ten ter nine... yeh'd better get ter class."

"Bye, Hagrid, thanks."


I had Transfiguration first.. by the end of the class, half the match was silver.. and pointy. The other half was wood-y and match-y, and I earned two points for Slytherin.

Then Potions, but hated it. Not because I was treated badly, no, it was because of the way Professor Snape treated Ginny, and the rest of the first-year Gryffindors.

Then Astronomy... I suppose I'll like it once it gets more interesting, because it was just the first day.

Then Charms:

Shouldn't I tell him? I raised my hand. No, you'll be laughed at. Who're you? The negative side of you. 'Course you are. I raised my hand again. There might be something wrong with me.

"Yes, Becca?" Professor Flitwick answered.

"Um.. uh..." a few people giggled. SEE?! You'd be laughed at!"I... keep... seeing things, like, before they happen."

"Oh..." Professor Flitwick stepped off the large pile of books he was standing on. "Come with me then."

He lead me up.... up to the top of the castle, and into a room. Am I going to be expelled, just because I'm different? A bit of fear ran through me.

"Professor Trelawney, we've got a student with a possible certain gift." Professor Flitwick called from the front of the room. A thin woman with big, orange, circular glasses looked up.

"Oh! A student with The Sight?"

"Er.. yes."

"Come sit, come sit!" She motioned to two chairs in front of her desk, and I sat. "Now, how long have you been having these 'visions'?" She asked me.

"First time... just since I've entered Professor Flitwicks class."

"I see... can you see anything now?"

"No, no-- wait... yes, I am, but I'm not sure the whole school should hear it... but I think Professor Dumbledore should hear it as well as you."

"Let's go to Professor Dumbledore's office, then."


"So," Professor Dumbledore started after I had told him.... ya know. "You have the Sight, and she wants to tell me something important?"

"Yes, sir." I said quietly, not sure weather to be ashamed of having this "Sight" thing or not.

"You will then start private Divination lessons. What was it you wanted to say?"

"Professor Dumbledore," I said slowly, trying to think of words. "The Chamber of Secrets will once more be opened."

Chapter 3

"You're taking what?" Ron asked. The four of us were sitting on a staircase after dinner.

"Div-in-a-tion," I said slowly, pronouncing each syllable distinctly. "Apparently, no one takes it until third year."

"So, you can tell the future?" Hermione asked flatly.

"Uh huh...." I replied.

"Then, what's gonna happen tomorrow?" She asked, testily.

"It's not that simple... I see mostly random things." I opened my Divination textbook. Reading tea-leaves? As I slammed the book shut, the noise echoed in the high-roofed castle.Utterly useless. "My lessons are going to be private."


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