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Continue that complete gay charrie chat on here? Before the mods kill it? 

Kay. I shall post all that we've done so far on the new one. 

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Goody! Ill do it. 


Ninja Is I.

I shall puncha if ya touchma. 

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Blue is you. Orange is me. K?

Markings: -blinks as Post leans forward- Post...I...


Excuse: -kissed brusque roughly-

Buzzer: -twined tongues with Bulb-

Brute: -rubbed his back-


Post leaned forward and kissed him starting off very rough. He put both hands on Markings' cheeks and tilted his head, his mouth throbbing with Markings' lips inside it.

Brusque pulled back away from him. He scratched his arm. He blushed, the kiss was so unexpected.

Bulb twined back with his tongues.

Bottle smiled up at him.


Marking: -eyes widen with surprise but over comes quickly and pushes tongue into Posts mouth-


Excuse: -smirks- scared of a french kiss?


Buzzer: -closes eyes-


Brute: -nods- now?


Post closed his eyes tightly afraid that a gun man might kill Marking if he had them open.

Brusque bit his lip and shook his head.

Bulb blinked, and tilted his head.

Bottle nodded enthusiastically. He stood up from the couch and got naked.



Marking: -pulls back and sees Post nibbling his lip and Marking moves forward to nibble Posts lip-


Excuse: -giggles- Better -moves forward andd grips Brusques neck skin with his teeth and nips slightly-


Buzzer: -tilts head other way-


Brute undressed too and climbed into a hot water tub with Bottle.


Post caught by surprise kisses back, gently, with squeaky sounds and their lip $ touched.


Brusque kisses * his neck.


Bulb closes his eyes, relaxing in this amazing position in the hammock, beside his love, Buzzer.


Bottle came in, too. He sat on Brute $ lap and tilted his head backward, to be on Brute $ shoulder. He smiled up at him.

Ok theres that. :D


Ninja Is I.

I shall puncha if ya touchma. 

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