Violet's Charries Violet's Charries Ai A slave to her brother, Prince. Nice, shy. 183745062 Defiance An Earth/Nature elemental. Non-identical twin sister to Regret. Loyal, rebellious. 183745063 Prince Ai's older brother, a fallen angel. Cold, occasionally cruel. He also has white wings with back-tipped wings. I don't know if this pic is supposed to be a girl or a boy, but I think it's a boy. 183745064 Regret Defiance's non-identical twin sister. A fire elemental. Shy, kind. 183745065 Starlight A neko/fallen angel hybrid. Sarcastic, cold. She's supposed to have silver-blue eyes and black feathered wings, but this is the best I could do. 183745066 Apple Sister to Lemon, Harvest, Orange, and Melon, she's a lava elemental and is witty and confident. 183776948 Lemon Brother to Apple, Harvest, Orange, and Melon, he can move objects with his will, but nothing living. He's curious and tense. 183776949 Harvest Sister to Lemon, Melon, Orange, and Apple, she's the odd one out. She can turn invisible and communicate mind-to-mind, and is sullen and moody. 183776950 Melon Brother to Melon, Apple, Lemon and Harvest, he can control nature. He's gentle and friendly. 183776951 Orange Brother to Apple, Harvest, Lemon and Melon, he can mimic sounds and voices. He's calm and reliable. 183776952 Shadow Sister to Starlight. She usually doesn't look so innocent, she looks older, her eyes are brighter, but this is the best I could find. :P 183996825 Clockwork Very unstable. She seems faintly amused and lost in thought. If someone insults her, she becomes nearly sane, long enough to maybe break the person's nose. 185702199