My Charries - Ice My Charries - Ice Literary Analysis // Lit Personality: Lit is the sweetest thing since homemade brownies. He's protective of the ones he loves and always puts others before himself. He's into reading and writing and plans to one day be an English professor. He's the kind of guy who'd bring you chicken noodle soup when you were sick, even if he didn't really know you. He goes completely out of his way to make others happy, and is well behaved. He's a committed vegetarian and Is very eco-friendly. He's basically everything you could ask for in a guy, but quite frankly, no body is perfect. He has the tendency to hold a grudge and isn't too well at speaking in front of people. He was born March 24th, 1990 making him a twenty-four year old man. He's currently single, but talking with Melody, one of Bluez charries. He has an adopted sister, however both of his parents moved to France once he was eighteen, so he was in charge of her until she just recently turned eighteen. The two live together in a quaint little house in a good part of town. 194514720 Hydrochloric Acid // Hydro Personality: Now this girl is someone who you'll always want to be on the good side of. She's a bit snarky, snappish, and bitter. No one has every really put in the effort to see if she's a genuinely good person, or if she's just a cynically rude being. However, I guess I could tell you what you'd have to look forward to if you stayed with her. She has a dry and punny sense of humor, and actually loves to joke around. She's embarrassed of her laugh because she thinks it's "too girly" and tickles are a way to her heart. Also through food. She loves to cuddle and human affection is something she's always longed for, though she'd never actually admit to it. Once you crack through her cold, prideful, defensive layer, you can see the brokenness in her and the long for love. She lives with her adopted brother, and frankly has always been the outcast. Her birth parents left her at a park in the middle of a bitter winter, not even reporting her to authorities. An orphanage finally found her and she wasn't adopted until she was ten, going through hundreds of interviews, only to be rejected. She never had many friends in her adolescence years. Eventually she just gave up on people, she could only take so much. She's eighteen, born November 18, and is currently single, talking to Kraven. 194515268 WonderWall Personality: WonderWall is a sweetheart, but he's more of a mysterious sweetheart. He's not really confident and he'd never have the nerve to tell a girl that he likes her. He's an aspiring musician, and a great singer and pianist. He's the kind of guy who'll leave you little love notes unsigned. His handwriting is rather girly. He's never had many guy friends, not being good at athletics, but oodles of girls line up at his door to be his acquaintances. However, he's never found Mrs. Right. He overlooks appearance preferring good personality. He's an only child and rather spoiled, but not spoiled rotten. His parents are both doctors, so he knows a few handy tricks to keep his cousin inline with her many injuries. He's nineteen, born January 22, however he graduated high school at sixteen and is well into his college music studies. He's currently single and talking a bit to Nine. 194515516 Furnace Personality: Furnace is what most people would call a dare devil. She is a fun-loving girl, who lives for the rushes of adrenaline. Whether it's sky diving, or parasailing, or even standing up on her motorcycle, if it has a possibility of death, she's there. It's not because she hates her life, or wants to die, she just loves enjoying the thrills. She's a strong-willed, self determined young lady who rarely takes 'No' for an answer. Some people find this annoying, yes, but she could care less what people think about her. She's pretty bad ass. She was born on December 24th and is "twenty years young." She lives by herself in New York, having a job as a tattoo artist. She can't wait to turn twenty-one and hit up the clubs, being a girl who loves to party. She is currently single, and kinda talking to One. 194520352 Samuel // Sam *Descriptions coming calm your panties.* ;P 194517692 Cashed Personality: Cashed is fun-loving and flirty. She doesn't mind getting attention, especially from the boys. She loves to sing and dance, and in general have a great time. You'll rarely find her depressed, or down in the dumps because she has a positive outlook on life for most of the time. She's not easily embarrassed and has a way of brushing off insults easily. She doesn't like to fight or argue, but she will if she has to. She's not the sharpest tool in the shed, but she'll stay loyal to your side. She lives with her many brothers in a suburban house in California. She loves her life and was born February 29, being a leap year baby. She's twenty, and currently single, talking to Wilt. 194514719 Ender *Descriptions coming calm your panties.* ;P 194520404 Amber *Descriptions coming calm your panties.* ;P 194521024 Ember *Descriptions coming calm your panties.* ;P 194534104 Vanity This young lady takes pride in her cliché looks. She's the entire package, if you're into the bubbly blondes. She gets confused pretty easily and has a habit of twirling her hair. She likes to talk and is a genuine sweetheart. She has a flirtatious personality, but sometimes she takes it a bit too far. She's always tried to be what the boys want. This little missy is twenty-three years of age and has started her own hair cutting salon. She's on top of the latest trends and fashions. She needs a man who'll show her that it's okay to be herself. She has an honest love for chemistry, though why would she tell anyone that? She's rather comical and playful, living alone in her quaint little house in the suburbs. 194542501 Key Key's a mysterious young boy. He has five younger siblings, and is a vampire. He likes to charm people and likes getting what he wants. However, he also has a slight temper. Though his rage isn't the screaming tantrum kind, it should be feared. He's a great secret keeper and his birthdate is June 4th. He appears to be a somewhat young looking man, despite his actual act which is unknown. He lives in a castle, coated in moss, and created out of grey rocks with his family. His mother and father are rulers of a small village thus making him heir to the throne. His father was recently sent to jail, and two of his brothers have moved away along with both his sisters. He has a twin sister, whom looks nothing like himself. He doesn't have a forgiving heart, isn't very trusting, and he doesn't really like meeting new people, in fear of being judged. 194558332 Hale *Descriptions coming calm your panties.* ;P 194563741 Antoinette *Descriptions coming calm your panties.* ;P 194970228