Posting this here, too. Posting this here, too. Desiree "Dusky" Thynne Formerly: Daray "Duskiss" Taros 195313931 Colleen "Collie" Collins Formerly: Corse Corrin 195313932 Yin "Jamal" Merritt Formerly: Yin "Jaspire" Nervea 195313933 Yan Merritt Formerly: Yan Nervea 195313934 Amal "Mal" Ridgway Formerly: Alonetto "Alo" Primata 195313935 Kai Sipprell Formerly: Quen Tonio 195314036 Deacon Cosgriff Formerly: Dythe Creed 195314037 Bryn Spakman Formerly: Lovenn Spakman 195314038 Terrie King Formerly: Tak Cuub 195314039 Stokley Mitchell Formerly: Stirke Peetra 195314040 Clarest Dayne Formerly: Cluno Dayne 195314041 Elena Dayne Formerly: Sunnot Dayne 195314042 Fariel Lee Formerly: Farron Aymes 195314043 Chai Morin Formerly: Chamo Press 195314044 Alfred "Alfie" Charles Formerly: Litlee Charle 195314045 Leslie Kelley (Generation II) Formerly: Scor Alonie 195314046 Leslie Kelley (Generation III) Formerly: Scor Alonie 195314047 Tobe Fletcher (Generation II) I can't believe I'm changing all their names. ;=; 195314048 Tobe Fletcher (Generation III) Aaaah! Last names, too! 195314049 Eric "Blindfold" Travis Formerly: Erico "Blindfold" Tee 195314050 Brice Brackenbury Formerly: Kada Jammi 195314051 Enola Fraser Formerly: Ermica Thermo 195314052 Tacey Radford Formerly: Tapada Razzon 195314053 Slade Warren Formerly: Chaps Weston 195314054 Tempany Kent-Moore Formerly: Tmoro Krom-Clarkson 195314055 Rae Mitchell Formerly: Ryon Peetra 195314056 Oaren Kennedy Formerly: Ocon Kamaranis 195314057 Pazima Kocijan Formerly: Heio Backer 195314058 Bibliane Soules Formerly: Biblian Solise 195314059 Cas Price Formerly: Cas Prier 195314060 Nora Orr Formerly: Trime Oku 195314061 Tafari Darrach Formerly: Soalon Iem 195314062 Cedric-Thomas "C.T." Decaire (Cedric T. Decaire) Formerly: Cedric-Thomas "C.T." Drek (Cedric T. Drek) 195314063 Raoul Coleman Formerly: Reboe Colmen 195314064 Oliver "Ollie" Olwin Don't have to change anything here... 195314065 Coburn "Coby" Eldridge Formerly: Cobirod "Coby" Exan 195314066 Warden Geoffroy Trimble Formerly: Warden Geoffroy Ignid 195314067 Jerry Griffins Formerly: Gerith Peterson 195314068 Justin Scott Formerly: Jestin Staford 195314069 Jane Abbott Formerly: Janes Andy 195314070 Caden Halladay Formerly: Cadeth Hosen 195314071 Albion Jensen Formerly: Albio Jenten 195314072 Isabel Kearny Formerly: Isdan Kotman 195314073 Karmel Leith Formerly: Karmid Lethan 195314074 Chander Kearny-Jensen Formerly: Chek Jenten-Kotman 195314075