New stuff! New stuff! Title page! 195640717 .: Pickle's Charries :. 195641222 Cassie Full name: Cassandra "Cassie" Scott. Cassie is 16 years of age and was born at 6 :o' clock AM exactly on the 4th September in Scotland. Cassie is a natural nickname given to her as a toddler. Cassie is sweet and kind, but can be reserved and quiet. She can hit if she has to but chooses not to mostly. She can be moody and sassy. She is fully Scottish and has a rich father and one brother. 195640231 Seaa Full name: Seaa Flow. Seaa is 14 years of age and was born at 11 PM on the 14th May. She has no nicknames, middle names or anything similar. Seaa is a kind-hearted soul and will do anything to make things right. She may be snappy and moody towards you but that is only because you brought it on yourself or she's in a bad mood. Seaa is very calm and loves children. She has 4 sisters; Aurora "Aura" Flow, Dolphin Flow, Snowdrop "Drop" Flow and Rainbow "Rain" Flow. Her mother dyed in a flood and her father is still alive. Seaa is a mermaid and sprouts a tail when she comes in contact with water. She and her sisters made a deal with their father; they can see the world, on two conditions. ONE. If they are exposed, they all come back. TWO. Once they turn 21 they come back to the sea to be married. 195640578 Oz Full name: Ozwalldo "Oz" Auburn. Oz is 17 years old and was born on the 30th of September at 3:00 PM. His nickname is Oz but he has no middle names. Oz is very mysterious, due to having the gift of invisibility. He will follow, he will save, he will leave and he will joke around. Say that a woman was robbed by a much larger man. Oz would turn invisible, hit them, make them apologise and walk off, not listening to the victims questions. Basically, he's kind. He has 1 sibling, Morgan, and his parents dyed in a bridge accident. Single. 195640607 Seth 195640608 Elia 195641330 Isabella 195645171 Daisy 195865493 Yui 196137427 Tabby 196292914 Alanna 196384020 Rome 196384031 Galasia 196403796 Pace 196403797 Kaya 196501813 Casey 196503407 Hardy 196501815 Claudia 196501816 Melody 196521957 Leone 196521958 Lyric 196521959 OHMAHGAHMYSTERYCHARACTER 196522351 Cansen Melodya 196522280 Maggie 196551614 Millie 196551612 Minnie 196551611 May 196551613 Imogen 196578982 Claire (girl on the left) 196578983 Arrow Full name: Reese's "Arrow" Cross. Arrow is 17 years old and was born at 22:35 on the 7th of October. When she was a child she earned the nickname "Arrow" after an accident with her sister Hunter and her father's bow. Arrow may come off as hard and cold, and very mean but she has three soft spots that you could hit, as following; her mother, fire and electricity. This is because her mother dyed in a fire due to a trip in the electric of the home, which an engineer failed to fix beforehand. Arrow is a little violent when she has to be and has a soft spot for animals. Single. 196598988 Tori 196662852 Riley 196662826 Ree's house :3 196679210 Tala 196796272 Winnie 196896230 Nita 196906447 Aylen 196906574 Nita 196906575 .: Dutch's Charries :. 195641319 Maya A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSON TO MAIA xD 195626322 Maia Yes, she DEFINITELY looks evil, but she really isn't xD (Pronounced Maya) 195583731 Candy 195643548 Kitty 195643552 Toki Hitomi 195643553 Glacier Frost 195643554 Eva Tomoto 195643568 Tanya and Britt 195793725 Faith Starling 196136759 Passion Fruit and Kiwi 196136762 Logan is a BUNNEH 196252178 Logan is human nyow xD 196252453 New charrie :3 196383888 Arctic 196404097 Toki 196404098 Minuet 196508989 Dan Smith SO FRICKIN' CUTE. 196522873 Bliss' tattoos :3 SONGS: and 196578842 Scene 196598700 Laney and Nick Laney is the black cat and Nick is the white cat :3 They're cat people, not just cats xD 196660427 Nick 196662063 Laney 196679054 Lana 196774962 Serenity 196877369 Celestia 196906274 Shelby BUT WITH LONGER HAIR xD 197001383 Lori and Leo as kids :3 1 is the boy and 2 is the girl :3 197060287 Leo at his real age (Like 20 or something xD) 197059699 Lori at 14 (Her actual age) 197062569 Luka Willow Name- Luka Willow Age- 15 Gender- Female Looks- Well you can see but her eyes are brown, just so you know xD Wears- A black one shouldered shirt with a white vest underneath, skinny jeans and black boots. Personality- She is quite cheerful but gets upset easily and is very emotional. Other- She has two sisters and two brothers. Valentine is her twin sister (Valentine is 10 minutes older than her), Robin who is her older sister, 20 years old, and her two brothers Blue and Orange. They're 16 and Orange is 6 years older. 197505491 Robin Willow 197514654 Mayu 197592903 Crimson 197619094 Crow Except the hair that isn't shown in the picture is white xD Half black hair white hair :3 197626273 Kaine and Maria 197794677 Bran 198067256 Avery Elizabeth Grace 199633609 Dodger Aurelie Wright 199633610