the album of for whatever reasons the album of for whatever reasons DORIOT NO EXPLANATION -- Kor 195952553 Kor drew Finty also I was drawing a group picture but I feel an insane urge to post the EVERYTHING so maybe i'll post the full thing when it's done and other people along the way?? -- Kor 195952619 Finty Dunne A drawing of my character. Hopefully I'll do ones for the other characters, too. -- Strangeh 195952641 Kor drew Yume Hahaha whoops accidentally gave her a colour scheme way too similar to Fluttershy's whoops. -- Kor 195954309 ????? I can't say who it is yet, but she is related to the roleplay. And yes. Yes, that is a flower sewn over her eye. xDD -- Strangeh 195968746 Kor drew Friday dead! at first i just drew this to bother the others but it turned out pretty cool so i finished it. Also, random blood for no reason. HAPPY HALLOWEEN. -- Kor 195969312 Yume This is Violet's character, not mine. Also, I can't draw shovels. xD -- Strangeh 195969337 Kor drew Fallow dead! Finally I drew my own character!! complete with a terrible colouring job, one really awkward arm, brown lines instead of black (whoops), Fallow's sitar, dried blood all over his face, and his scar. Hoooraaaaayy -- Kor 195970485 Yoru Again, this is Violets character. Not mine. xD --Strangeh 195973528 Violet drew Friday It's so dark... I apologise. xD --Violet 195979053 Violet drew Finty and le clumsily drawn table... just pretend it's a signpost or something. --Violet 195980898 Violet drew Whisper Why do all my photos come out so damn blurry?? T^T --Violet 195980969 Violet drew Yume I'm on a roll, people. #secret sucky shovel --Violet 195981020 Fallow I really wanted to draw a sitar, but I couldn't do it right, so.. Also, I think he came out too girly looking? Sorry ;o; This is Kor's charrie, not mine. --Strangeh 195984520 Finty's second outfit not sure if anyone even gives a shit but here it is anyway. xD just 'cause one of the side quests, they go to get more clothes.. maybe i just wanted a excuse to give her a second outfit.. --Strangeh 196007110 Kor made a beautiful comic of Old Fallow old fallow tells the story of how he died. he turns into a very angry old man apparently. also i forgot to add colour at the beginning in layers and um yeah beautiful tons of effort drawing --Kor 196008388 Kor drew Guy I made a disproportionate character so I can draw it more exactly. Ahahahaha. this is the annoying little shit that'll be following you around until Fallmage hurrah .0. --Kor 196009371 Kor drew-- HERE. HAVE SOME RIEN DOODLES. I'm sorry i'm doing so much but IM BORED. Here's my little banshee babby and there's his eye and there's Shep scaring him and Shep trying to take his map and Rien fcuking reading it in the rain. ALSO THE NAME IS PRONOUNCED LIKE RYAN EXCEPT REE-an. --Kor 196010401 Kor did more doodles. First Nott drawing, detective Finty, Yume bitch-slapping Radium, why I don't have colours, Fallow annoying the hell out of Hal, a very comfortable table, and does anyone remember Seraph and Chase? I wonder if they're dead. Okay enough doodles for tonight. --Kor 196010856 Kor doodles too much And this one's in colour!! Hal's gravity-defying hair, the girls shopping in a side-quest, Nott making fun of Rien's scarf, and Radium and Hallows plotting to take Finty's map (gais, chances are Shep actually has it right now so um... someone should take it back) -- Kor 196025547 HAPPY HALLOWEEN! This is my (blurry) Halloween gift to y'all. From left to right: Yoru, Nott (behind), Yume, Radium (behind), Friday, Fallow (yes I know it's a sitar not a guitar I'm sorry Kor), Hallows (Behind), Mai, Finty 196051617 MUFFFFFINNSSSS SELF-EXPLANATORRRRRY 196113274 Mai Chibi I wanted to draw Mai more so... Haha I can't draw antlers >.< 196187546 Girls Chibi I traced this one from the web so they ended up looking a little weird... I also drew Nott but she was being difficult and not fitting on the page T^T 196187661 Yoru and Yume More tracing, woo! 196202174 Nott picking on Rien Things I can't draw #4 and #5: Nott and Rien. Although to be honest it's just a doodle. 196202266 Kow drew side quest #2 guys pls im tired and can't do stuff. basically this is the necromancer you're gonna meet he has a phobia of water. fallow is drunk and loopy and might pass out and decided that necromancer avoids water because it'll melt him and so he formulates a genius plan ------------------------------------------- also please ignore demented wtf finty I"m SORRY 196208228 brIIICKS that was meant to be a doll in the background going :D for no reason but it just looks like she has a nosebleed. BUT WHAT IF SHE DOES. AND BRIAR'S DOLLS CAN ONLY BE CONTROLLED BY BRIAR HERSELF. SO. WOT. 196239476 yet another charrie whoooo Ok, so this is someone who's gonna join the party soon. She's an amnesiac who's wanted for a crime she's not sure if she committed or not. Because I want more outlaws. 196266017 moar sketches not including all characters and it isn't really scenes from the thing but eh 196329879 really old Yume first concept When did I draw this again? Three months ago or something... (I found so much old madoka fanart in this notebook hehehe) 196330375 Kor did lazy bad doodles SO: turns out yume and yoru aren't siblings and they're a ship! what colour is X's hair?? also attempted Whisper. X seemed very excited to run into Briar. I'm so lazy. WE MUST PROTECT HALLOWS' HAIR. Shep is not a thief, everyoneCOUGHCOUGH. AND GUYS. NOTT"S HAIR DOESN'T HAVE BANGS IT'S PULLED BACK. I JUST CAN'T DRAW. 196335226 i interrupt this roleplay to bring you something IGNORE MY HAND OK So... I drew us. There's even a mini Radium representing Fluffy because I had no idea what she wanted me to draw her like. GOMENASAI FLUFFY. Left to right: Me, Strange (Fluffy you're at the bottom), Kor 196348595 ..fin? hey look its finty except.. now a guy 196489989 Sideshipping - Livehazard chibis I didn't know what Biohazard would wear so yeah 196512552 a gif OKAY IT MIGHT NOT WORK AND MAKE BE RLLY SLOW AT FIRST YOU NEED TO WAIT FOR IT TO LOAD ALSO ITS STUPID AND THE HAIR DOESN'T MOVE 196513863 BOOBQUEST fluffy i'll explain later 196540340 who even is this child i don't intend to explain right now ...all I'm saying is that she is not going to join the party but she is involved with the roleplay in some way 196733351 kor actually put effort into a drawing and here's Nott this is the first out of. like. three but i've only finished this one so far. a little off, but not terrible. also hella rad sketchbook background. 196825298 and look it's nott like five or six years later okay, one-year-later nott is my favourite character-wise but five-year-later nott is my favorite design. aLSO I-HATE-CHILDREN NOTT HAS A LITTLE SON NAMED GUTA <<3 196844292 lazily drawn blurry 14 yr old mai yup 196847427 not part of the roleplay exactly but here's frantiska que? 196850823 i tried using Tektek generator and made Ring 196850731 generator yume there were muffins but they just hovered in the air so they sucked 196851136 generator yoru yeah 196851145 generator whisper this was as close as I could get 196851160 beautiful tonsofeffort drawing of five-years-later fallow rockin dat purple scarf and dem highheels fallow. also nice tony beard 196854428 yume&yoru, courtesy of violet who still doesn't know how to screenshot herself i want to call this "bloody hell!!" 196854541 blOODY HELL violet begged me to upload this and i was too lazy to edit. she drew nott and briar then i drew yume and hallows and then we blooded 196855212 future finty and briar basic summary: briar's clothing gradually get's more and more 1960's style, finty goes through a weird fingerless glove phase for a year and then becomes maturererer, and strange is sleepy and can't draw. (oh also finty finally gets boobs. thats a thing now) 196858416 Aeru hahahahahaha? 196865830 +1 Year!Yume idk what to put here lol 196878676 BRIAR ON HTE DANCEFLOOR again, might take a while to load. also, choppy as hell. BUT HEY LOOK BRIAR MOVES 196879165 and his favourite colour is still green fabulous no-reference work done in MS paint while i had no other way to draw in French-Canadia. Not sure if you can even read my commentary but whatever 196879825 sideways bricks i considered naming it ''x gets the briarbooty'' but that just implies stuff that i'm not sure you guys want implied. ANYWAY the text on the top one says ''HELLOOOO'', the one where Briar is kissing X is ''Xiaozhai caught off guard'', and the final one is ''watchu say about my Briar'' with Briar going ''pls get off me'' 196880165 BLURRY PRESENT INCOMING Featuring: one huge ass doriot, YUME DON'T BLINK oh wait you always look like that, Hallows in the festive spirit(?), Mai the red-nosed reindeer, and Fallow just being Fallow 196885468 Hallows Sparse Look at dat fab hurr B) 196887862 Sept Camden DOES NOT LIKE BEING CALLED SHORT 196887863 opening part 1 I made a fan opening thing this might not work 196893185 the adventures of hallows and radium im sorry I'm not funny and can't art ok also the above is my headcanon 196899439 five years of yume I finally decided 196915759 Radium Dragov Explosive tsundere 196919289 Briar i don't like the hairstyle, but you guys already know what it looks like so hopefully you can just.. ignore it. i gave her one of those ''i'm-not-smiling-but-i'm-not-frowning'' faces 196934927 Finty she does wear makeup, guise (although thinking about it, it doesn't seem to suit her) i think this is pretty close to what she'd look like 196934928 ?? a character i'm adding fairly soon. i don't want to reveal her name yet 'cause i want to do it in the roleplay, but there is a way to find it if you know what to do. i tried to make her sleepy looking 196934929 Mai why are most of my characters in the roleplay hella pale like normally my characters arent that pale or arent pale at all unless your letty who is a grim reaper and therefore GRAY but- i'm off topic. here's mai. 196934930 ??? here's that other character since i couldnt get a flower for it's eye i just covered it 196934931 Xiaozhai i dont like the hair, it should be shorter, and she needs her mask and idk 196934976 tomodachi!rye?? why aren't these two dating yet?? 196939256 tomodachi!fallow i gave him a guitar and it made me really happy 196939257 My attempt at bricks x is really fun to draw k bai 196945808 rye clothes swap pls everyone you know how blurry my webcam is by now. anyway I wonder who put them up to this? 196952538 more guy he's probably gonna die in the first one 196953078 lazily drawn/coloured 20-year-old rien hey there rien's back and not looking too good //////////////////////////// rien has basically not changed like wtf rien. also i just noticed his thumbs are on the wrong side 'cause i cant think so it looks like his hands are the wrong way but w/e 196954720 one step closer to 100 pictures i need to stop drawing only my charries i'm sorry. but here have some kal and some cotty and some tiny background malay. 196957300 livehazard: biohazard always misses the point can i just say that biohazard has the funnest hair to draw ever and do i have to apologize for her headcanon outfit?? 196982300 u owe me some yome it's funny 'cause yoru is really monotone and yume's really realy bright and probably sucks at camouflage 196990247 hey it biohazard ''that me'' - biohazard /////////////// "you broke my drawing streak!" exclaims kor 196990166 the moe doriot dance u no u luv it 196990214 kor had far too much fun designing shep a year from now, the party is going about its business trying to do whatever the new quest is, when suddenly... 196991789 detective!finty on the case ok so I finally fixed my computer and can upload again. So Finty is just being a detective and Hallows and Ring are like 'uh oh' and Nott is like 'WHY AM I HERE WHAT DID I DO' 197072055 BECAUSE YOU ALL NEED AN AERU CHIBI IN YOUR LIVES why yes that is a cleaver 197072064 "you can just call me uncle hugy!" since i need to practice comics anyways, imma probably give this guy a little non-canon mini comic series ????? 197105108 meet isren ''doncha think helium is cute? ...wait... who are they?'' 197116997 bloody hell: round 2!! FIGHT so um. im lazy and didnt edit the screenshot. mai and sept were violet's doing and hugy and biohazard were mine anD STRANGE IM SORRY WE FORGOT WHAT OUTFITS ARE 197129007 flockdraw screenshit most of this is words 197149392 another secret charrie note: male 197175059 i can yuri i swear airing is canon mmkay bye. 197175060 finty worst bae ever 197246186 shep and his eyebrows *eyebrows* 197247635 everyone didn't fit on the screen but eh challenge: name everyone --------------------- 197476041 dead!Fallday comicthinglol it is now headcanon that fallow and friday are in a relationship while they're dead 197485314 Sideshipping - Auntromancer the two mages hate each other probly but it could still work since they're adults and???? edit: Aunt now has a name, her name is Neika 197542567 briar does the face ok i'll stop with the references now (except I will never stop) 197557732 "I'm not a bad person!" this turned out too wonky so not uploading to dA BUT LOOK IT HAS LIGHT AN A BACKGROUND AND EVERYTHING 197561659 ''How dare you beg for your life after ending so many others?'' this is Ui and she really hates nott and most of the others 197562140 diedday (fan nickname) this is evil!revivedwrong!friday and she's awesome as fuck and she needs to be canon 197568222 exPLODING FLESH highly headcanon azalea clothes and also GORE HOORAY 197568465 trololololo doriot showed up to claim the 100th picture 197569304 also have whisper because I'm bored and idk 197569184 Irma Achterberg ''Your surname is Achterberg?'' ''..'' 197575707 that hug "help help" 197586568 shouldn't have stayed what the hell are you doing. all of you. 197609005 when i'm bored and on paint (DROP IT) so um have a 2nd generation 650 yr old charrie who looks uncannily young with crappy background 197621064 Pixelly/Blurry Sung-Hi Park Her weapon is meant to be a pole with the two blades on the ends, along with the blade-shoe-things, but it just looks like she stuck cardboard to a pole in this picture. ._. sorry. 197715297 nott cow GUYS I DIED INSIDE WHEN I READ THIS 197857352 doodlesh so I decided to do doodles because motherfuckin ms paint 197875145 ayy i wanted to contribute to the album again lmao i did this stupid pen and pencil 20-year-old rien a month or two ago (with bonus notice-me-rien-senpai shep in the corner) and i'm posting it because idk 197892909 shut the fuck up im hilarious kill me i don't even what is this 197915430 more crak also SORRY headcanon Irma house 197935202 even more crak nott is so ready to wreck shit lmao 197935392 calne viola is ok i reckon she's just being bullied 197936138 Pixelly/Blurry S2 charries it came out rlly blurry but this is just so you know what Keelan and Alix look like. Also Irma with a free hugs sign. Oh, and I went over the words in paint so that you can actually read them. And yes, that is how big the gun is compared to Alix. 197943547 #justeyethings it's my headcanon that ???, Kal and Aeru have a club to complain about their eyes and they call it ''the seeing soceyety'' 197945162 more sketchbook shit this time with s2 and s3 fallow and featuring my finger wAIT WAIT WAIT I FORGOT 26yrold FALLOW'S BEARD SHIT 197952433 KOR FINALLY DID DIGITAL ART THAT ISN'T ALL HER OWN CHARACTERS ft. 21-year-old fallow, 22-year-old hallows, 20-year-old radium, and a REALLY FUCKING CUTE SKIRT 198017177 so i edited mirai's design a bit do u like my sword sword sword my diamond sword sword 198021674 go fish viola CHILL GOD 198023173 imsofuckingbored DON'T LEAVE ME ALONE WITH MS PAINT 198746985 help I WARNED YOU ABOUT MS PAINT 198746908 "i won't let you die again" HUUUUUUUUUUUUUURGH I GOT A REQUEST 198795640 AUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUA AUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAU 198932319 fwr family episode 1 today, we deal with our resident vodka aunt radium 199018105 fwr family episode 2 in which shep and rien learn about the joys of cosplaying 199018210 fallow, upon being revived true story 199018418 more playing around i still find it hilarious that this fucking hell is set loose but the others are chilling at irma's place 199020107 not sorry wish fuckin' granted 199133960 omake - page 1 A) i forgot colour schemes and had no reference B) don't take seriously 199206289 omake - page 2 [FINAL] *insert 'true story' meme here* 199206290 comic practice time ft rien and therefore applicable to this group. does this title have a text limit? can i just keep typing everything in this? someday i'll actually draw someone else's character........ but until then, here's rien and two nameless friends. u can refer to them as a whole as "the chroniclers" or, alternatively, "the tippy-toe twins" 199269317 -slams hand on table- WHERE IS FLUFFY shit i killed the spider 199598167 nott doods pls i'm so bored 199598168 Throwback Wednesday Quick tbt the first draw I ever did of Fallow when I accidentally did lighter lines it's cute ;-0 ALSO because I don't draw Fallow happy enough 201250862 i'm never done it's redemption time redemption is for me because i have finally done better art of these characters. 201464015 Back to square one I see I blame Violet 201694969 Babbos Not featuring Shep Guy or Rien because THEYRE ALL FUCKING BABIES ANYWAYS 201705774 *subtly ooc clothes* 25 and 20 yr old fallow wearing clothes that differ mildly from his normal style. he looks great anyways. i also drew nott in pastel blue-and-pink dress complete with lace and sequins, and rien is a bright yellow tank and shorts but they looked too uncomfortable to ever share 201937680 I hope Friday is ok listen i KNOW the rp is pretty much dead now but that will NOT stop me from occasionally thinking of stuff like this SOO 202066015 202279831 202279832 this is how it went, right this au is inaccurate fallow would make his character a demon songstress bard with huge tits and no fear 202623207 rye clotheswap redux help me 203260239 Rott and Halfallow other people: getting on with their lives / me: fusions.......... 203627184 GHOSTAXE IN 3D Yes I'm Still here 203626971 And his favourite colour is still green redux Decided that Fallow gets to die again but also gets to be happy 203626970 SHIT I NEVER POSTED THIS HAPPY 2 MONTHS AFTER VALENTINES DAY HAV ESOME BRICKS I HOPE THEY'RE DOING OKAY 203932386 Nott/Fallow swap AU IDK why I'm still posting stuff here lmao, more info on this AU here: 203975433