Ice's Charries: River, they're here. Ice's Charries: River, they're here. Calypso Grace This young lady is exactly sixteen. Cursed when she was six by Miss Endowment, her lips have been sewn together until she stumbles across true love which is easier said than done. She is currently being protected by Mr. Wings, however she has recently found someone who just might be her Mr. Right. 196240459 Charter Wings Currently around the twenty-twenty-five years of age mark. This young man is a true sweet heart. A guardian angle sent to protect young Calypso, he's found himself entangled in a risky relationship with a fallen angle. As his client makes progress in her fight against the evils, he's uncertain on how much time he will still have on Earth, adding all the complicities you can to a blooming relationship. 196240460 Pierce Fang Currently around the eighteen-twenty years of age mark. This young man certainly does not act his age. A little immature and prideful, he'll do anything to protect the ones he loves. He is a lion-hybrid and there really isn't much you need to know about him, other than he's interested in a young lady and most definitely not completely single. 196240461 Zinnia Endowment Currently around the sixteen-nineteen years of age mark. This young lady has been addicted to methamphetamine for a couple years now. She has the power to relive and bestow curses, though due to her critical addiction, she uses her powers for evil in aid of the demons to get money to pay for her costly habits. 196240462