Violet's Charrie Drawings! Violet's Charrie Drawings! Ring This is Ring. I literally made her last night. She's an amnesiac who's wanted for a crime she's pretty sure she didn't commit. Theme song: Inspired by the IA song 'Revenge Syndrome'. 196266511 Gradient (Real name Pandora) Willow This one I drew for school, so it has some background. Gradient is a somewhat ojousama-like girl, but she wasn't allowed to leave the house because her family were in debt to 'bad people'. Theme Song: 'What do you Mean?' by Hatsune Miku. 196267260 Sal October The other part of the drawing I made for school. His family is a group of pure-bred vampires who somehow got into a contract with the Willow family. His job is to guard and watch over Gradient. Theme Song: ...Uh I'll find one later... 196267074 Tochi Nishino My UTAU I'll make in the future! I did this ages ago actually. I drew loads of random panels of her. You can't quite make 'em out. Theme Song: SHE'S A UTAU GODDAMN IT. I CAN MAKE HER HER OWN SONG SOMETIME. xD 196267520 Kameyo Chiwa This one's in colour too... I don't normally use this charrie because she's a) depressing and b) can't do much, but she's still important to me. Theme Song: Still Here by Digital Daggers. (I COULDN'T FIND A VOCALOID ONE OK) 196276945 Kaiba He's a nice guy. It's such a shame he hears voices. Theme song: Life Reset Button purely because that's where I stole the name from. 196307831 Human Lavender I drew his human form since Yumgry-chan seemed interested. Yeah most of the efforts came out a fail, but yeah... Theme song: Tokyo Teddy Bear 196308384 Isamu He looks... very derpy. That is all. Theme song: No idea... 196308296 Marionette SENSEI NO PETTO, BOKU WA MARIONETTE 196308481 awkward ChiChi photobomb drawing Yeah I drew Strange eh's UTAU Kusatsu Yachi and my (not quite started yet) UTAU Nishino Tochi. 196381426 if Ring and Dust met Dust: Sal let me help you with that Dust: Sal let me wash your back Dust: Sal where are you going Ring: SHUT UP AND GIVE ME MY HOODIE BACK 196422885 half of Tomoe Mami NOT MY FAULT OK FOR THE CRAPPY LIGHTING 196425383 Miki Sayaka I NEVER SAID IT WAS ALL MY CHARRIES ALSO I DREW KYOUKO BUT SHE BARELY EVEN SHOWED UP 196425277 Anata to Watashi de Randebuu-? yup To-chi did Matryoshka Traced from the web and altered 196441800 Frantic-sensei Yumgry's characters Frantic and Cookie. 196491553 Kawashira Utaka Yeah... this is her 196502700 Michi and Rika it's a trap 196695214 spoiler can't say who it is in case Kor Strange or Fluffy happen to see this lol 196749425 drew some new-ish charries I-it's not like I drew Asail, Nero and Whisper for you or anything baka 196749457 here's some aeru sketches nobody asked for WHOOP I SUCK AT CLOAKS/HOODIES/CAPES LOL 196749474 first concept of shiro yeah nothing to do here folks 196810452 Asa kara ban made omae o MIRU! Midori, Kuro and Shiro: they're apparently the ''Citizen Welfare Society'' but all they do is spy on people and interfere in stuff, so they've been dubbed the secret police. 196810472 school photo take1 you won't know 90% of these 196831978 school photo take 2 CHARRIES have joined your party... maybe 196831979 first upload of the new year- ''A few of our customers have made complaints about human blood in their sweets. We apologise for this and promise you'll never find out again. Love, your friends Akai and Sashiya at Asa Sweets Inc.'' 197174778 hateful bitch #1 full title: manipulative hateful bitch - silhouetted because identity protection and- OKAY I ADMIT IT i just wanted to silhouette 197243398 hateful bitch #2 full title: gross hateful bitch - silhouetted again and also her appearance changed a bit but yeah. 197243510 before and after!naitsu! and its even in colour omg so to summarise basically she's an asshole and then stuff happens and she's now an android with a chronic helping-people problem 197722086 pretty much every character whos part of the project thing omg note to self: colour increases blur factor 197785238 197810836 197810763 197810855 197810770