Some CHARACTERS, Some CHARACTERS, PEPPER SPRAY This Pepper Spray. Pepper Spray is a skunk/wolf hybrid. She was created in a lab in the future for crowd control. She has a obnoxious odour that is produced from two scent glands under her tail (just like a feral skunk). It is created when she is embarrassed, shy, scared, sad angry or protective. Additional info: can cause boils/burns (contact with skin), temporary blindness (if in eyes), lasts for over three months. It can induce vomiting and illness. ---NOTE; she can only spray once every three days so she has to bear in mind when to use it. -When experiencing anger/embarrassment, her tail may begin to smell bad, though this isn't really considered 'spraying'. ME DREW THIS BITCH 199511430 ELLIE. I DONT GIVE A SHIT THAT THIS IS ELLIE FROM THE LAST OF US. Name: Ellie, Age: 14 years old. Born: April 3rd, 2018. Gender: Female, Erthanicity: Caucasian, Early Life: She grew up and was born in an oppressive military zone quarantine in Boston, Massachusetts, with little knowledge of the outside world before the mass outbreak of the virus. Before she died her mother asked the militants to watch, care and train Ellie. Having been raised in an environment where modern standards and values have deteriorated, Ellie is considerably rash, impulsive, and temperamental, and isn't fazed by the notion of using violetonce as a means to an end or profanity as a way of expressing how she feels. However, she manages to maintain a particular innocence as she has yet to see the darkest sides of human nature and retains a palpable trust in people. Ellie is also perceptibly clever and witty, and will do whatever it takes to keep herself alive. She is willing to take orders, but all the while makes it clear she does not ''need any babysitting at all.'' Ellie is enthusiastic about the outside world, given her confinement to her quarantine zone during her childhood. She is obsessed with things she collects from others, illustrated through her interest in music, movies, books, and video games. She frequently remarks her amusement upon finding interesting collectibles. Ellie seems to adhere to no religion, as seen when she claims that she goes "back and forth" not sure if she believes in an afterlife. She says that she would like to believe it, but admits 'I... guess not.' Ellie also suffers from a case of monophobia (fear of being alone) and states that she * fears * losing others she cares about. The cause of this case is possibly related to her estranged parents and the deaths of her best friend. Ellie showed difficulties in positioning herself as a young kid in an adults' eyes, and sometimes even tends to 'supervise' adults. She also takes 'justice' into her own hands on her relationship with anyone, and does not think she requires any adults' consent. This self-parenting trait is related to her time spent in an orphanage, where she had learned to fend for herself. Ellie has a sharp tongue and is feisty at times, as well as incredibly stubborn. She will not do as she is told, though as stated earlier, she will follow orders; butler only from her closest friends. Ellie has a good sense of humour, always telling jokes and pulling pranks. Her favourite jokes are from her precious book; No Pun Intended. Right now, Ellie only has two volumes, :(not including her other joke book Get to the Other Side!)) though intends to find the third some day. She will read aloud during downtime in the hopes of lightening the mood. Ellie'is favourite animal is a dinosaur. Ellie has a bad mouth and will curse spontaneously, or in context. Ellie has a habit of rubbing her nose and wringing her hands together, especially in situations that could be seen as stressful. This implies towards a nervous tick. Overall, Ellie is extremely loyal and caring towards people she trusts, a good friend. 199511569 Alaric- paper, Dis is Alaric, I decided to have a go at drawing him at 1 AM and it turned out like this. THE SHADING THOUGH HAHAHA // CRINGE // This is my first attempt at drawing him so... yes, that is a shadow of my phone in the corner, haha. Oh, and the darkness on his arms is from his outfit, not his skin. His skin is a tanned colour. 199583945 OOPS, CAN'T REMOVE THIS WHICH IS SO ANNOYING AHHHHH GO AWAY U FOOL 199583895