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19 years old
wowie kazowie
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it won't let me upload a new avatar so I guess it's just blank now cool cool

Hey I miss all of you!!!! hmu on here if anyone ever wants to catch up )))): I literally spend so much time thinking about how RES actually like formed me into the person I am today and I would be so wildly different without it oops

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Reply Cateh
9:20 PM on November 25, 2019 
i've been doing pretty good!!! college is stressful tho hhh
the best way to contact me is via smoke signals. jk discord works best, u can friend me @charmikarma#0413 !!
i'm glad ur finally free uwu
Reply Cateh
4:13 PM on November 24, 2019 
hello owo... i dunno if ur able to start communicating again but i started thinking about my old buddies again and i thought i would reach out ! miss u bro
Reply anna einstein
2:26 AM on May 19, 2018 
buddy where are you
Reply Koro
9:06 PM on November 26, 2017 
RESurrected...... dont even....
EVERYONE IS SO OLD IT'S AWFUL... we got people talking about university and stuff like no please I'm a baby
OH RIP... I lost mine ages ago 'cause open office is an AWFUL SHITTY PROGRAM!!! ... better write down what you remember b4 they're gone forever :'v(
Reply Koro
8:47 PM on November 26, 2017 
unfortunately for you they're delicious and all mine!
Honestly... me too, they were simpler times haha. I'm lucky enough to have found most of the folks I missed the most. If the forums ever come back online I'm excited to see what'll happen in RES lmfao. No idea where either of those 2 are i'm afraid but good luck on ur quest!
Reply Cateh
8:34 PM on November 26, 2017 
letā??s try this another way
Reply Koro
8:31 PM on November 26, 2017 
Still using the same email lmao got the notification. IRONICALLY took a long time rn cause I'm baking cookies!
God don't we all have one of those
That's cool! I'm in a writing discord admin'd by Alex, but it doesn't sound like you two knew each other. Idk if you knew Fluffy, Strange, or Violet either? They just reappeared, and Comet's pretty active tho I don't talk to her much.I probs have like, vague contact w/ other people too.... got so much lmao
Reply Cateh
8:22 PM on November 26, 2017 
webs is being icky and not showing me your email
hereā??s mine in case itā??s not being icky for you:
[email protected]
if u canā??t see that (grrrr) iā??ll stick it in my profile whatever the hell and hopefully thatā??ll work
Reply Cateh
8:00 PM on November 26, 2017 
i was actually thinking about you earlier today!!! i would really like to catch up and talk to u but this site is really impractical for phone use and i donā??t have access to a computer atm
do u have a discord or a sc i could use to talk to you instead? that youā??d be willing to share of course ^^
Reply Koro
7:30 PM on November 26, 2017 
BUDDY YOU'RE NOT GONNA BELIEVE THIS BUT YOU'RE THE FOURTH RES FRIEND WHO'S REAPPEARED FROM THE DEPTHS THIS MONTH. must be astrology or something there's no other scientific explanation
I'm doing good! flattered I'm one of the people you came to say hi to and glad to hear you're alive tbh! I haven't updated this site in aaaages so my tumblr's wormancer now if you want it!
Reply Cateh
3:44 PM on September 6, 2014 
I just
Waffle I freaking miss you ;-;
I don't care if you never see this
But I freaking miss you ;-;
Reply unicornlover2121
10:17 PM on September 10, 2013 
Reply unicornlover2121
11:47 PM on August 26, 2013